Lucky bag or Fortune bag is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


Fortune bag can only be obtained through events. It gives random items for a limited time or permanently. Some of them are purchasable through shops.

South Korea
28 December 2017 ~ 18 January 2018

If you are accessing the game at peak time during the event, you will receive a bag. (4 PM)

5 January 2012

It can be bought for 1200 Nexon Points. Contains unlimited female characters and two durated weapons.

23 January 2012

Any players that logged in that day will receive a Fortune bag which contains 1 ~ 5 Code Decoder(s), depends on luck.

Taiwan/Hong Kong
30 April 2012

Any players that onlined from 7pm to 9pm will receive a Fortune bag which contains 1 ~ 3 Code Decoder(s).

30 January 2012

Players will receive one fortune bag everyday during the event period after accumulate a total playtime of 2 hours per day.


  • 100 Mileage
  • 150 Mileage
  • 300 Mileage
  • 500 Mileage
  • 1,000 Mileage
  • 2,018 Mileage

5 January 2012




Shop natasha Natasha Permanent
Shop jennifer Jennifer Permanent
Choijiyoon Choi Ji Yoon Permanent
Sccjy Choi Ji Yoon (Soccer) Permanent
Ritsuka icon Ritsuka Permanent
Yuri gfx Yuri Permanent
Scyuri Yuri (Soccer)


Criss icon Criss Permanent
Marinegirl icon Lucia Permanent
Chngirl01 icon May Permanent
Jpngirl01 Erika Permanent
Blair bicon Blair Permanent
707 707 30 days
Rb Red Beret Condottiere 30 days
Deserteagle Desert Eagle 30 days
Icon anaconda cso Anaconda 3/10/30 days
M79 M79 Saw Off 3 days
Dual Infinity 1 Dual Infinity 3/30 days
Infinity black icon Infinity Black 3/10/30 days
Infinity red icon Infinity Red 3/10/30 days
Waterpistol Lightning Big Eye 3/10 days
Luger Luger P08 3 days
Skull1ex SKULL-1 10 days
M4 icon Benelli M4 3 days
Icon m1887 cso Winchester M1887 10 days
Dbarrel gfx Double Barrel 30 days
Kriss SVD TDI Vector

3/10/30 days

Thompson Thompson M1928 10 days
Ak47dragon AK-47 Dragon 3 days
M4a1dragon M4A1 Dragon 3/10/30 days
Stg44 STG-44 30 days
Tar21 icon TAR-21 3 days
Trg42 TRG-42 10 days
M24 Remington M24 10 days
WA2000 Walther WA2000 3 days
M95 gfx Barrett M95 3/10 days
Skull5 SKULL-5 3/30 days
Xm2010 XM2010 10 days
Qbb95ex icon QBB95 Extra Magazine 3 days
HK23 HK23E 10 days
M249ex gfx SKULL-7 10 days
M60 M60E4 3 days
Mg36 gfx MG36 30 days
Pkm PKM 10 days
20 December 2012




Sfgun Blaster Permanent
Gatling Volcano Permanent
Umbrellagun Lightning SG-1 Permanent
Musket Divine Lock Permanent
M79 M79 Saw Off Permanent
Ksg12 KSG-12 Permanent
M95 gfx M95 Permanent
Xm2010 XM2010 Permanent
Lightninghz1 Lightning HZ-1 Permanent
Lightzg Lightning LZ-1 Permanent
As50 AI AS50 Permanent
M82 M82 Permanent
Mk48 MK48 Permanent
Pkm PKM Permanent
M134 gfx M134 Minigun Permanent
M32 MGL M32 MGL Permanent
AT4CS AT4-CS Permanent
Salamander Salamander Permanent
Dual Infinity 1 Dual Infinity 3/10 days
Icon anaconda cso Anaconda 3/10/30 days
Luger Luger P08 3/30 days
Kingcobra King Cobra 3 days
Waterpistol Lightning BIG-EYE 3/30 days
Thompson Thompson M1928 10/30 days
Dbarrel gfx Double Barrel 3/10 days
Icon m1887 cso Winchester M1887 3/10 days
Kriss SVD TDI Vector 3/10 days
Tar21 icon TAR-21 3/10 days
M14ebr M14 EBR 3/10 days
Stg44 STG44 3/10 days
M4a1dragon M4A1 Dragon 45/60 days
Ak47dragon AK-47 Dragon 45/60 days
Xm2010 XM2010 3/10/30 days
Trg42 TRG-42 10/30 days
M24 M24 3/10 days
WA2000 WA2000 3/30 days
Mg36 gfx MG36 10 days
HK23 HK23E 3/30 days
Qbb95ex icon QBB95 Extra Magazine 3/10/30 days
Skull1ex SKULL-1 3/10/30 days
Skull3 SKULL-3 3/30 days
Skull5 SKULL-5 3/10 days
M249ex gfx SKULL-7 3 days
Skullaxe gfx SKULL-9 3/30 days
Skull 11 SKULL-11 30 days
Balrog5 BALROG-V 3/10/30 days
Balrog7 BALROG-VII 3/10/30 days
Tomahawk Tomahawk 3/10/30 days
Axe icon Parang 3/10/30 days




Icon anaconda cso Anaconda 3 days
M79 M79 Saw Off 3 days
Icon m1887 cso Winchester M1887 3 days
Icon sl8 cso SL8 3 days
M24 M24 3 days
WA2000 WA2000 3 days
HK23 HK23E 3 days
M60 M60E4 3 days
M134 gfx M134 Minigun 3 days
Axe icon Parang 3 days
Choijiyoon Choi Ji Yoon 3 days



  • The Fortune bag's model in Taiwan/Hong Kong region is renewed, which is based on the Fortune Cookie bag with red color instead of silver or gold.

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