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Frag WarFrag War is a submode in Counter-Strike Online.


In Frag War mode, the player can only use melee weapons and M67 hand grenade. The player must eliminate the opposing force by killing them through a frag grenade or knife. The thrown grenade will be replaced with a new one after several seconds.

This mode is available in Original, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes.

In the team Deathmatch mode, the player can also use Shop-buy Grenades.


  • Join this mode to achieve 'Throw Hand Grenade' in Daily mission challenge.
  • A lot of skills are needed to win this match (Aiming, Evasion, etc.).
  • Run away when the opponent throws the grenades.
  • The amount of grenade will be unlimited.
  • Melee weapons' damage is lowered in this submode, so use them only when necessary.