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Room restrict shotgunThe SPAS-12 (Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun 12 Gauge) is an Italian pump-action combat shotgun in Counter-Strike Online.


This is a shotgun that has been used by both military and police which holds 8 rounds of 12 Gauge and manufactured in Italy for a special purpose. The dual-use technology version uses only a pump action mode.


  • High damage
  • High rate of fire in semi-automatic mode (Deluxe, Superior & Maverick)
  • Very high stun to zombies
  • Medium knockback power
  • Higher magazine size (Super & Maverick)
  • Light weight
  • Quick mode change (Superior)
  • Can be fired when reloading
  • Moderate reload time


  • Cannot be fired under water
  • Low magazine size
  • Low rate of fire in pump-action mode (Deluxe & Superior)
  • Useless at long range
  • More expensive than its original version (Deluxe, Superior & Maverick)


Mode Buy cost Ammo cost Total
Original $2100 $260 $2360
Zombie Scenario $2100 $4875 $6975
  • Treat this weapon as if it was the Benelli M3.
  • This weapon deals higher damage than the Benelli M3.
  • This weapon has lower recoil than Benelli M3.
  • This weapon has lower rate of fire than the Benelli M3.
  • SPAS-12 has the same weight as the Benelli M3.
  • 8 rounds of SPAS-12 can deal 656 ~ 1312 damage to zombies.

Release date[]

Default, Deluxe and Superior
  • South Korea: 24 November 2011
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 6 December 2011 (default & Deluxe), 21 February 2012 (Superior)
  • China: 7 December 2011
  • South Korea: 17 April 2014
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 13 May 2014
  • China: 14 May 2014

Comparison to Benelli M3[]

Icon m3 cso


  • Higher firepower (+4)
  • Lower recoil (-2%)


  • Same weight (-9% speed)
  • Same magazine size (8/32)


  • More expensive (+$400)
  • Lower rate of fire (-2%)


SPAS-12 Deluxe
This is a shotgun used by both military and police which holds 8 rounds and manufactured in Italy with a special purpose. It uses both modes of semi-automatic and pump action.

SPAS-12 Superior
This is a shotgun used by both military and police which holds 9 rounds and manufactured in Italy with a special purpose. It uses both modes of semi-automatic and pump action. This is a custom version which improved the overall performance and reduced the time needed for mode conversion. It can also knock zombies away in the pump-action mode.

SPAS-12 Maverick
This is the modified version of SPAS-12 which holds 20 rounds of 12 Gauge. It was developed by an unknown Terrorist group and boasts a very high magazine size. Unlike its previous variants this one comes with two magazines attached which promotes faster reloading.

Main article: VULCANUS-11
This is an automatic shotgun developed by Aegis Institute based on the SPAS-12 and fed with 8 rounds of 12 gauge. It is equipped with Vulcanus Parts System which delivers the currently loaded shells through an upright barrage upon use.

This is the improved version to fight against zombies in harsh environments. It is lighter and has higher stun power. It can undergo up to 8 Weapon Enhancement and has Part System installed.


Fire sound

Draw sound

Reload sound

Semi-automatic mode firing sound

Changing the mode from pump-action to semi-automatic mode

Ditto, from semi-automatic mode to pump-action mode

Drawing sound

Exerting old magazine

Inserting new magazine

Pulling the fore-end

Shooting sound

<gallery widths="200" position="center" spacing="small" captionalign="center" bordersize="none" bordercolor="transparent"> File:Counter Strike Online China SPAS-12 Maverick Trailer File:CS Online - Maverick Spas-12 (Gameplay}


  • SPAS-12 is rarely used in any modes but it is still labeled as hot weapon in the shop. This is because people bought this shotgun only to acquire SPAS-12 Deluxe, and then SPAS-12 Superior.
  • SPAS-12 appears in Half-Life, and the regular SPAS-12 and SPAS-12 Deluxe resembles Half-Life's SPAS-12 non-HD and HD model respectively.
  • Both SPAS-12 Deluxe and SPAS-12 Superior has DELUXE and COBRA stenciled on their pump handle.
    • The early name of SPAS-12 Superior was "SPAS-12 Cobra", but its name was changed later on. Despite this change, the COBRA remains on the pump handle.
  • There are the words "GR-1103" and "Justice" engraved on the SPAS-12 Maverick's receiver.
  • SPAS-12 Maverick has two magazines taped together jungle-style, similar to SKULL-5. Unlike SKULL-5, SPAS-12 Maverick has two reload animations. The first is taking the mag out and then swapping it with the second one, and the second animation removes the taped pair altogether and replacing them with a fresh pair.
  • The firing sound of SPAS-12 Maverick is similar to SKULL-11 and it shares the same ammo pool with USAS-12 and Gatling, due to the fact it uses box magazines instead of its integral tube magazine.