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The Free Update is a major patch that overhauls several in-game mechanics.

Release date

  • South Korea: 18 December 2014.
  • China: 8 January 2015.
  • CSN:Z: 8 January 2015.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 9 January 2015.
  • Japan: 14 January 2015.
  • Indonesia: 4 March 2015.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.

Zombie Modes Reorganization

Improved Scoring Method
  • Kill Zombie Permanently (Zombie Hero): 3 points.
  • Kill Zombie Generally (Zombie Hero): 3 points.
  • Survive as Human: 7 points.
  • Zombie Kill Assist: 1 point.
  • A zombie player will receive points based on the damage taken.
The amount of Host Zombie based on player number in the room
  • 1 Host Zombie: 1-7 players.
  • 1-2 Host Zombies: 8-10 players.
  • 2 Host Zombies: 11-17 players.
  • 2-3 Host Zombies: 18-20 players.
  • 3 Host Zombies: 21-32 players.
Zombie Infection Change
  • Minimum HP of zombies is 1000.
  • Excellent Genes's effect are tweaked to 70%, instead of 90%.
  • AP value is corrected after infection.
  • 1 second invincibility after being infected.
  • Enhanced damage for melee weapons, Bloody Blade item removed.
Morale Boost Change
  • Humans will start once again with 100% as base damage up to 200%, but now there's an added damage bonus available as long as you're close to a teammate. The extra damage augment is directly proportional to the number of teammates nearby, increasing or decreasing respectively by 5%.

PvP Improvement

Main article: PVP VGUI Improvement Update

Improved the existing killing effect's notifications and feedbacks according to situation by adding a variety of notification.

New free default items


Sealknife.png Hdagger.png Balisong icon.png Nataknife.png

Hammer icon.png

P228.png Deserteagle.png Fiveseven.png


Tmp icon.png Mac10.png Mp5.png Ump45.png P90.png

K1a.png (China only)

Icon m3 cso.png

M4 icon.png

Galil icon.png Ak47 icon.png Sg552 gfx.png Famas icon.png M4a1 icon.png Aug gfx.png Icon xm8 cso.png Icon scar cso.png M16a4.png (TW/HK only) An94.png (TW/HK only)

Ak47akm.png (TW/HK only)

Scout gfx.png Awp.png Sg550 gfx.png

G3sg1 icon.png

Icon m249 cso.png



Flashbang gfx.png He grenade icon.png Smokegrenade gfx.png Firebomb.png Fgrenade2.png At4.png


Speedzombie.png Heavyzombie.png Pczombie.png Zombidoctor.png Deimos gfx.png Deimos2 gfx.png Undertaker.png Witch.png Boomerzombi gfx.png Residentzombi gfx.png


Zombieanoweapon.png Zombiebnoweapon.png Zombiecnoweapon.png Zombiehnoweapon.png Sprint.png Deadlyshot.png

Combat Blueprint Content Change

Main article: Combat Blueprint


New Secret Method
Main article: Perfect Pick Recipe

An item to confirm the manufactured weapon. This item requires Grade S Combat Blueprint and Permanent Durability Material to do so.

K3 Performance is increased
Main article: Daewoo K3
Manufacture / Combination / Decomposition System Reform
Main article: Craft
Task Reward Change
Main article: Special Mission
Main article: Daily Mission
Main article: Weekly Mission

Reorganized the rewards after completing the missions.

Promotion Reward Restructure
Main article: Promotion reward

Reorganized the items inside the Gift Boxes.

Updated Battlefield Supply
Main article: Battlefield Supply

Battlefield Supply's items have been updated.

Removed all Weapon's Level Restrictions
Fixed Deimos and Ganymede bugs
Main article: Deimos
Main article: Ganymede
Fixed SKULL-9 bug
Main article: SKULL-9
Removed Bloody Blade, Gruesome Assassin, Merciless Destruction, Demented Doctor, Fire and Curse, Terrifying Terror, Brutal Slayer, Pain Dominator, Death Guide, Z-VIRUS Transfectant
Main article: Bloody Blade
Main article: Gruesome Assassin
Main article: Merciless Destruction
Main article: Demented Doctor
Main article: Fire and Curse
Main article: Terrifying Terror
Main article: Brutal Slayer
Main article: Pain Dominator
Main article: Death Guide
Main article: Z-VIRUS Transfectant

New Item Information

Main article: THANATOS-7

A machine gun developed by Aegis Institute fed with 120 rounds of 7.62mm. When facing a huge number of enemies, the user can switch to Thanatos Blade System.

Tomahawk Christmas Edition
Tomahawk Christmas Edition
Main article: Tomahawk

The Christmas version of Tomahawk decorated with reindeer horn and blinking lamps. Its secondary mode can knock zombies away in Zombie Scenario and Zombie modes.

Combat Blueprint and Durability Sale

Grade S Combat Blueprints and Permanent Durability Material are now sold in shop.

Xmas Box
1418702264 christmasbox.png
Main article: Christmas Box

Log in to receive a Christmas Box and play for every 30 minutes to get another Christmas Box. Christmas Box contains one of the X-mas weapons for 1/3/10/30 days or permanent.



  • Whenever humans are infected, they are surrounded by white glows for a second, indicating they are invincible. However, knockback and stun power can still be inflicted.
  • During later patches, all head-up displays for said buffs were removed, yet the effects remain.
    • Initially, Excellent Genes' head-up display (HUD) showed the 100%, even though the buff had been reduced.
  • Strangely, the M16A4, AN-94 and AKM are set as default weapons in Taiwan/Hong Kong region. While the Daewoo K1A is set as default one in China.
  • Unknowingly, only certain regions have patched all hit-bug related weapons.