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Frozen Terror is a boss that appears in Encounter chapter.


The player will face this boss in Encounter chapter. It is equipped a dual-wielded spiked club.

In Madness, it appears as the main boss of Round 2, which must annihilated in order to proceed the next round.

3 others appear as mini bosses, one in Envymask (Round 1), one in Paranoia (Round 1) and the latter one in Collapse (random).


  • Club throw: Throws his clubs to deal with players in medium range.
  • High jump crash: Jumps high and lands on the targeted human, similar as the Oberon.
  • Spinning: Spins 360 degrees to hurt nearby humans. Can cause an instant kill.
  • Snowball slam: Jumps high to the roof to take a huge snowball to slam it on humans. Stalagmites in the cave will pierce down after that as consequence of the vibration caused by, hurting surrouding humans.
  • Rush: Charges to the players in medium speed, similar to Revenant.


  • His spinning attack deals tremendous damage in a wide radius, reaching players in medium distance, so avoid getting close to him.
  • Before performing his snowball slam, he will grab on to a stalagmite. Shoot his hand before he gets a chance to climb up. Dealing enough damage will make him fall off to the ground, failing to will allow him slam a huge snowball, causing surrouding stalagmites to tear apart and fall, dealing critical damage up to killing all humans.
  • Light weight weapons are recommended to evade its 360 spin easily.
  • Shooting at the place where Light Zombie and Heavy Zombie's face are, can deal cirtical damage (example: 1 shot of Thunderbolt on the face can deal up to 200,000 damage).
  • There is a bug where after the cutscene finishes, if a player stands at the place where Frozen Terror jumped in right before it starts to attack, the boss will get stuck, unless he jumps onto other places or the performing player is dead. The players can take it as an advantage to defeat the boss.

Minimal Weapons Required[]

Skull6 icon Skull8 BalrogXI Skull4


Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
Wrath Controller
[Wrath Controller]
Gentleman, have you heard about the 7 sins? I have heard that someone is here who could not control one of it. Do you think you can survive when you encounter with it? Note: At least 4 players in a game, easy stage is not included. Defeat Frozen Terror 100 times.



  • There is a Light Zombie's and Heavy Zombie's face on the boss's body.
  • This boss is an infected Yeti.
  • His eyes glow yellow.
  • This is the second boss that has weakness on its face, the first one was Bio Scorpion.