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GEN-Z or Generation Zombie is an major update schedule that plans throughout summer 2024 for Zombie Hero in Counter-Strike Online.

Update Content[]

May 30 2024

Zombie Hero Rebalancing (BETA)[]

Evolved super power host zombie
  • A new zombie with otherworldly powers appears.
  • It has very strong defense and resistance for interruptions while ignoring knockback and stiffness.
  • The skill is strengthened and has a very powerful effect.
  • The evolved powerful host zombie gained great strength from the power of this world, but lost its ability to infect. A successful attack causes bleeding, not infection.
  • Humans who are bleeding can relieve the bleeding condition by acquiring first aid kits distributed on the map.
  • The evolved powerful host zombie is the first host zombie to appear at the start of the round, and its otherworldly power disappears after a certain period of time.
Angry super power host zombie
  • This is a new zombie type that can evolve from a powerful host zombie by building up its anger gauge.
  • The moment you become a strong host zombie, your anger gauge is consumed, and when the gauge reaches 0, you revert to a strong host zombie.
  • When you become angry, your health and armor increase, and you gain very high defense and skill status.
Zombie respawn enhancement
  • The respawn effect of zombies is strengthened.
  • The duration of the respawn effect is increased, and you receive the additional effects of reduced damage and reduced knockback/stiffness.
Manifest special supply boxes
  • A special supply box is created that allows you to use the sidekick store when acquired.
Anger gauge auto acquisition
  • Over time, the anger gauge automatically builds up.

June 13 2024

Seperated Zombie Hero Rebalance (BETA) to specific maps
  • Rebalance Dust, Rebalance Assault, Rebalance Italy
Minor updates
  • Change the color of the resurrection effect after zombie death
  • Added zombie anger gauge UI flashing function when evolving an angry super power host zombie
  • Fixed bugs for the evolved super power host zombie HUD portrait
  • Fixed an error where some weapons could inflict knockback/stiffness on evolved super power host zombies while using skills

New weapon[]

Pulse Reactor
Main article: Pulse Reactor

A submachine gun equipped with an energy reactor capable of holding 75 rounds. The reactor reprocesses the pulse energy used during basic and special attacks to generate special bullets for basic attacks and basic bullets for special attacks. When a basic attack hits, the attack chains to one nearby enemy within the range, dealing reduced damage.

New map[]

De coastalpalace cso
Coastal Palace
Main article: Coastal Palace

A coastal palace in Asia region.


Vaccine Box
  • A first aid kit has been created. Obtain it to stop the bleeding.
  • To stop the bleeding, hold down the E key to heal.
  • To completely stop the bleeding, you must obtain the first aid kit once again.
  • The bleeding has completely stopped.
Transcendent Zombie Alarm
  • The powerful zombie power of the other world is unleashed.
  • Hurry before the mighty zombie power disappears.
  • Tip: Bleeding occurs when attacking with the power of another world zombie.
  • The connection with the other world's zombies becomes blurred. The power disappears after a while.
Alarm for Humans
  • A powerful host zombie that has evolved with otherworldly power has appeared.
  • If you are attacked by an otherworldly zombie, you will bleed.
  • Get the first aid kit to stop the bleeding.
  • Zombies have evolved with powerful anger.

Zombie types and skills[]

Base Awakened Ascended Skill
Zombietype defaultzb ZombieType defaultzb trans 02 ZombieType defaultzb trans ZombieSkill ZombiCrazy trans
Zombietype lightzb ZombieType lightzb trans 02 ZombieType lightzb trans ZombieSkill ZombiHiding trans
Zombietype heavyzb ZombieType heavyzb trans 02 ZombieType heavyzb trans ZombieSkill ZombiTrap trans
Zombietype doctorzb ZombieType doctorzb trans 02 ZombieType doctorzb trans ZombieSkill ZombiHeal trans
Zombietype pczb ZombieType pczb trans 02 ZombieType pczb trans ZombieSkill ZombiSmoke trans
Zombietype deimoszb ZombieType deimoszb trans 02 ZombieType deimoszb trans ZombieSkill ZombiDeimos trans
Zombietype deimos2zb ZombieType deimos2zb trans 02 ZombieType deimoszb trans ZombieSkill ZombiCrazy2 trans
Zombietype witchzb ZombieType witchzb trans 02 ZombieType witchzb trans ZombieSkill ZombiHook trans
Zombietype undertakerzb ZombieType undertakerzb trans 02 ZombieType undertakerzb trans Zombieskill zombijumpup trans
Zombietype chinazb ZombieType chinazb trans 02 ZombieType chinazb trans ZombieSkill Zombistiffen trans
Zombietype boomerzb ZombieType boomerzb trans 02 ZombieType boomerzb trans ZombieSkill zombiselfdestruct trans
Zombietype residentzb ZombieType residentzb trans 02 ZombieType residentzb trans Zombieskill zombipenetration trans
Zombietype boosterzb ZombieType boosterzb trans 02 ZombieType boosterzb trans ZombieSkill booster trans
Zombietype passzb ZombieType passzb trans 02 ZombieType passzb trans ZombieSkill pass trans
Zombietype flyingzb ZombieType flyingzb trans 02 ZombieType flyingzb trans ZombieSkill dive trans
Zombietype akshazb ZombieType akshazb trans 02 ZombieType akshazb trans ZombieSkill charge trans
Zombietype revivalzb ZombieType revivalzb trans 02 ZombieType revivalzb trans -
Zombietype teleportzb ZombieType teleportzb trans 02 ZombieType teleportzb trans ZombieSkill Zombiteleport2 trans



  • In real life, Generation Z (often shortened to Gen Z), colloquially known as Zoomers, is the demographic cohort succeeding Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha. Researchers and popular media use the mid-to-late 1990s as starting birth years and the early 2010s as ending birth years. Most members of Generation Z are the children of Generation X or older Millennials.
  • Ascended Zombies are still vulnerable to instant death weapon, that is Matchlock Pistol and Dark Legacy Luger.