IMI (Israel Military Industries) Galil or IDF (Israel Defense Force) Defender is an assault rifle exclusive to the Terrorists in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. It was added into the game since Counter-Strike 1.6.


Galil can hold up to 35 rounds of 5.56×45mm NATO at a time which is 5 more rounds than most assault rifles. It is an alternative assault rifle to the AK-47 and $250 cheaper than its counter-terrorist counterpart, the FAMAS F1.

After the Free Update patch, this weapon becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


  • Has higher clip capacity than most assault rifles
  • Cheap ($2000)
  • High rate of fire
  • Light weight
  • Short reload time
  • Good accuracy in long range
  • Low recoil
  • Free


  • Low damage for an assault rifle
  • Purchasable only for the Terrorists
  • Low knockback and stun to zombies

Release date

Galil Maverick was release on:

  • South Korea: 12 June 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 24 June 2014.
  • China/Japan: 25 June 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 15 April 2015.
  • Indonesia: 9 September 2015.


Main article: FNC.

This assault rifle holds 30 rounds for each round with 5.56mm. It has been developed by using the gas piston method from AK-47. It has a high reliability due to its iron magazine.

Main article: Battle Weapons.

This is a weapon which holds 35 rounds for each round with 5.56mm. It is recreated as a new weapon through an actual battle in fierce battlefield.

Galil maverick

A variant of Galil which was developed by an unknown Terrorist organization. It brings some upgrades as a new magazine size which holds 45 5.56mm caliber rounds alongside a jungle-style config to shorten the reload time.

Tactics using Galil

Normal matches

  • Aim for head in close battle.
  • Fire in burst of two in medium and long ranges.
  • This rifle is stable even when fired continuously.

Zombie Mods

  • A 35 rounds of Galil can deal 910 ~ 1820 damage to zombies. It is recommended to target a normal zombie as the minimum health for a host zombie is 2000HP.

Zombie Scenario

  • Default dollar in Zombie Scenario is $7500. The player will pay $2000 for Galil and $1200 for 600 rounds of ammunition. There is $4300 left for the player to be used for other things.
  • This weapon can deal multiple kills for zombies.

Comparison to FAMAS

Famas icon


  • Higher rate of fire (+3%)
  • Less expensive (-$250)
  • Higher magazine size (+10)
  • Shorter reload time (-0.5 seconds)


  • Same damage (26)
  • Same recoil (18%)
  • Same speed reduction (-4%)


  • Less accurate (-13%)
  • No burst fire mode


  • SAS: Seen in Battle Galil poster.


Galil fire

Firing sound

Galil boltpull

Draw sound

Reload galil

Reload sound

Galilcraft boltpull

Pulling the bolt

Galilcraft clipin

Inserting new magazine

Galilcraft clipout

Taking out empty magazine

Galil & M1887 Mavericks

Galil & M1887 Mavericks

Galil Maverick and M1887 Maverick Bot Zombie Gameplay

Galil Maverick and M1887 Maverick Bot Zombie Gameplay

Counter-Strike Online - Maverick Galil & M1887

Counter-Strike Online - Maverick Galil & M1887


  • The Galil in game is modeled after 7.62mm ARM variation model instead of the Galil 5.56mm ARM.
  • This weapon cannot be fired underwater.
  • This weapon's first-person model is reused from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero model with its 1.6 animations.
  • The world model is still using the one taken from CS1.6. This also happens to other original Counter-Strike weapons when seeing their world model for each.
  • When reloading, note that the top side is drawn in solid color.
  • There is a "GUARDIAN" word printed on the body of the Galil Maverick.
  • The Galil Maverick is the third weapon which has two magazines taped together after SKULL-5 and SPAS-12 Maverick. It also has two reload animations, similar to SPAS-12 Maverick.

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