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IMI (Israel Military Industries) Galil or IDF (Israel Defense Force) Defender is an assault rifle exclusive to the Terrorists in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. It was added into the game since Counter-Strike 1.6.


Galil can hold up to 35 rounds of 5.56×45mm NATO at a time which is 5 more rounds than most assault rifles. It is an alternative assault rifle to the AK-47 and $250 cheaper than its counter-terrorist counterpart, the FAMAS F1.

After the Free Update patch, this weapon becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


  • Has higher clip capacity than most assault rifles
  • Cheap ($2000)
  • High rate of fire
  • Light weight
  • Short reload time
  • Good accuracy in long range
  • Low recoil
  • Free


  • Low damage for an assault rifle
  • Purchasable only for the Terrorists
  • Low knockback and stun to zombies

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 18 July 2013
  • China: 24 July 2013
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 30 July 2013
  • South Korea: 12 June 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 24 June 2014.
  • China & Japan: 25 June 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 15 April 2015.
  • Indonesia: 9 September 2015.


Main article: FNC.
This assault rifle holds 30 rounds for each round with 5.56mm. It has been developed by using the gas piston method from AK-47. It has a high reliability due to its iron magazine.

Battle Galil
Main article: Battle Weapons.
Battle-scarred variant of the Galil. It deals higher damage and has better accuracy, but its fire rate is lower.

Galil Maverick
A variant of Galil which was developed by an unknown Terrorist organization. It brings some upgrades as a new magazine size which holds 45 5.56mm caliber rounds alongside a jungle-style config to shorten the reload time.

Tactics using Galil[]

Normal matches[]

  • Aim for head in close battle.
  • Fire in burst of two in medium and long ranges.
  • This rifle is stable even when fired continuously.

Zombie Mods[]

  • A 35 rounds of Galil can deal 910 ~ 1820 damage to zombies. It is recommended to target a normal zombie as the minimum health for a host zombie is 2000HP.

Zombie Scenario[]

  • Default dollar in Zombie Scenario is $7500. The player will pay $2000 for Galil and $1200 for 600 rounds of ammunition. There is $4300 left for the player to be used for other things.
  • This weapon can deal multiple kills for zombies.

Comparison to FAMAS[]

Famas icon


  • Higher rate of fire (+3%)
  • Less expensive (-$250)
  • Higher magazine size (+10)
  • Shorter reload time (-0.5 seconds)


  • Same damage (26)
  • Same recoil (18%)
  • Same speed reduction (-4%)


  • Less accurate (-13%)
  • No burst fire mode


  • SAS: Seen in Battle Galil poster.


Firing sound

Draw sound

Reload sound

Pulling the bolt

Inserting new magazine

Taking out empty magazine


  • The Galil in game is modeled after 7.62mm ARM variant instead of the Galil 5.56mm ARM.
    • The fire selector further indicates that this was modeled after a semi-automatic civilian version.
    • The purchase icons do show the 5.56mm ARM variant, albeit with the bipod removed.
  • This weapon cannot be fired underwater.
  • The first-person model is reused from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero model with its 1.6 animations.
  • The world model is still using the one taken from CS1.6. This also happens to many other original Counter-Strike weapons when seeing their world model for each.
  • When reloading, note that the top side is drawn in solid color.
  • There is a "GUARDIAN" word printed on the body of the Galil Maverick.
  • The Galil Maverick is the third weapon which has two magazines taped together after SKULL-5 and SPAS-12 Maverick. It also has two reload animations, similar to SPAS-12 Maverick.

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