Counter Strike Online Wiki

This is the game guide for beginners, the information is taken from English-language Singapore/Malaysia version of Counter-Strike Online.



Click on Downloads > Game Client on to download the game. If you had previously installed the game, click on manual patches to download the latest updates. Alternatively, you may just start the game as per normal and let it update automatically.



Double click on the installation program after downloading the game client and follow the step by step instructions to install the game. If you wish to change the folder settings, please click on the Browse button to install in a different folder.

Note: It is highly recommended that you use the default settings to install the game.

Once the installation is complete, click on the 'Counter-Strike Online' Shortcut icon on your desktop to start the game.




The green circle on the top left hand corner of your interface is the radar which is for nabigational purposes. Players who are within the vicinity will show up on your radar as symbols.

Symbol List for the Radar[]

Symbol Description
White Dot Teammate
White T Shape Teammate above you
White Inverted T shape Teammate below you
Yellow Square Teammate who is using a radio voice command
Red Dot Enemy
Red T Shape Enemy above you
Red Inverted T shape Enemy below you

Weapon and Equipment Selection Menu[]

Hitting the number keys 1 to 5 will bring up different weapons or equipment for you to swap around with.

  1. Primary weapon (Main firearms)
  2. Secondary weapon (Sidearms)
  3. Melee weapon (Melee)
  4. Grenades (Flashbang, HE Grenade or Smoke grenade)
  5. C4 (Only for Terrorists on Bomb defuse maps)

Victory Goal[]

Show you the total number of rounds needed to win, the number of rounds won for each team and the number of terrorists or counter - terrorists remaining in the round to kill.


Shows you the amount of health you currently have. It decrease each time you take damage from a fall or from being shot at. You will die once your health hits zero.


Shows your armor rating. Buying a Kevlar suit will bring your armor rating up to 100 and taking damage will decrease it. You take lesser damage when fully equipped with 100 armor rating as compared to 0 armor rating.

Round Timer[]

Shows you the time remaining for the round.


Shows you the amount of ammunition left in the clip and the maximum that the clip can hold. Pressing R on your keyboard will reload the clip.


Shows you the amount of cash you have available to purchase weapons and equipment. The maximum amount a player can possess is capped at $16000.

Buying Weapons/Equipment[]

After picking your class, the weapons menu will show up.

Categories 1-5 will open up sub-categories with the actual weapons with which you can purchase.

Categories 6-7 are ammunition (bullets) for your primary (main weapon) and secondary weapons (pistols) respectively.

Category 8 is where you can buy armor, grenades, night vision goggles and bomb defuse kits etc

Category 9 will let you choose which melee weapons that you want to use.

Note: Default bind key for buying items is B on your keyboard.