Counter Strike Online Wiki
See Game Mode for more information.

The gameplay setting is the parameter that the user puts in order to establish a certain rule for the game mode itself. 

Default Settings[]

  • Room name: To designate a specifc setence, phrase or whatever the player wants to. This is where usually players set their custom rules. (Optional) 
  • Player Limit: To set the amount of players who can get into the room. The number goes from 1 (solo) up to 32 which is the limit. Note that some special maps only have a limit of 4, 8, 10 or 16...
  • Round Time: To set how long a round can last. Usually around 2 ~ 4 minutes.
  • Max Round: To set the amount of rounds which the players can play. Available in 5 ~ 15 rounds. 
  • Map: To choose the battlefield.
  • Freeze Time: To set the amount of time which the players have to wait before the round starts. The default one is 3 seconds.
  • Friendly Fire: To allow players to harm/annihilate your teammates.
  • Weapon Restriction: To set a certain type of weapons allowed. Divided into major Classic Battle and New Classic. There are also Knife Battle, Pistol Battle, Sniper Battle and more (see Submode for details).

Events only[]

  • Soy's SD Zombie Maker: This item can be obtained during special events only. Once obtained the player is able to play a special sub-mode in which everyones' head will be increased in size, including zombies. This item is available for the following modes:
  • Reversed Map: This item can be obtained during April Fool event only. Once obtained and activated the player is able to play a special sub-mode in which the spawn position and mission of Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist are reversed. This item, however, is available only for Bomb defuse mode so far.