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Ghost is a PvP (Player vs Player) mode in Counter-Strike Online 2. Prior to this, it was an event mode.


This mode features a ghost that is nearly invisible and can freely move across the map due to their ability to float and go through walls. The player chosen to be the ghost must turn all humans into ghosts within 2 minutes in order to win. Origin ghosts have 200 HP while host ones have 150 HP. Humans will win the round once all ghost have been annihilated or they managed to survive the round. 

With the latest update, the humans' range of vision has been significantly reduced. 



  • It's recommended to work in groups for best performance for either team.

Human faction[]

  • Do not stay in closed areas since ghosts can find you easily by going through structures. Stay in wide open areas instead.
  • You can hear the ghosts moving, if they are close enough.
  • Use the flashlight to detect the ghosts.

Ghost faction[]

  • It takes multiple hits to turn a human into a ghost.

Ghost Control Guide[]

  • Q: To walk.
  • Ctrl: To descend.
  • Space: To ascend.

Compatible maps[]

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 14 August 2014 alongside Casual.
    • Official released on 4 December 2014.
  • China: 22 April 2015.



  • The ghost's file name is lightzombie, which may refer to the Light Zombie from Counter-Strike Online. Also, the ghost's model resembles Light Zombie a lot, except with the long red hair.
  • The ghosts technically are allowed to use the noclip cheat, giving them the ability to move freely without being affected by the gravity nor the object itself, similar to be viewing on free camera mode.
  • The mode seems to be a combination of Hidden and Zombie 1: Original modes from its predecessor game.