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For original version, see Magnum Drill.

Gigantic Drill is a Transcendent grade Equipment weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon can be obtained from Guardian Spark event.

A customizable weapon for the Magnum Drill. It pours out 50 4-gauge shotgun bullets or pierces and crushes the enemy using the 2nd mode giant drill. Equipped as a main weapon, the knockback effect is in Zombie and Scenario modes only.

  • 22-2 Epic Edition Weapon.


  • High damage
  • Large magazine size
  • Has area of effect tertiary mode


  • Limited
  • Slow attack
  • Ineffective at long term battle


  • Crosshair notification when hitting is successful
  • Unlimited reserve magazines in Scenario mode

Special function[]

  • <Liberation>: After entering the <Overcharge> stage, If you press the <Left Mouse Button> and <Right Mouse Button> at the same time, it emits energy to detect nearby enemies and prevent their movement. After slowing it down, cast a powerful drill attack.
  • In Zombie and Scenario modes, a certain amount of gauge increases depending on the attack type that killed the zombie.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 14 July 2022.
  • Taiwan/China: 20 July 2022.

Comparison to Magnum Drill[]

  • Higher damage
  • Longer reload time


Shoot sound


  • Its secondary ammo is instantly restored when killing zombies in Zombie Mode, so you can use the C mode over and over again if you get any kill in every attack.