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Gladius is a Transcendent Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


Originally hailing from a small village in Switzerland, Gladius has been a fixture on battlefields ever since he was a teenager. While on a routine mission with the Foreign Legion, Gladius suffered massive injuries from the blast of an unexpected explosion. The incident forced him to reluctantly agree to join Dr. Rex's Super Soldier project, where he was injected with the genes of a wolf, which saved his life but gave him a feral personality. Later, Gladius became mortally wounded when the AFC assaulted the lab but was able to escape with his life due to the heroic efforts of Xiao Ming, who was making a delivery at the time.

  • If you play as this character, a 10% bonus to experience and 10% to points (20% in PC rooms) is applied.
  • This character has a higher maximum level than the regular class in zombie scenario mode.


The experimental subject that escaped from the research institute

What? Is it hunting time? Oh.. You want an interview? I have no intention to do it for free. Ah, if you just pay the cost, I'd be happy to cooperate even if I get caught by the Kronos dudes. Well, nice to meet you. I'm Gladius, who was just a mere pawn at a damn organization called Kronos.

Kukuku... well, you can judge from my appearance that I'm a damn experiment subject who received injections and modifications. The memories of that time were hellish to even think about now. Oh, mind if I share the name too? Douglas Jacob is a lame guy that I really wants him dead. When I meet him face to face, I want to rush at him right away. The reason I came here? Shall we call it a coincidence? The research institute where I was held for such reason exploded and all the electrical devices went down, and the current of the electric bars that held me was cut off. The sweet temptation of freedom is coming closer. I couldn't resist such taste and ran out right away.

Kukuku... But once I came out, there was nowhere to go. I couldn't go back home in this state, and I wandered with no stopping line. Then, I happened to meet a dumpling delivery lady and got to eat her dumplings. It seems like the first time in my life to taste such delicious dumplings. Huh? What's with that look in your eyes? Are you looking down on me? Do I have to be sadden to make that look in your eyes calm down?

Once this interview is over, the Kronos dudes gonna find me here. Kukuku, tell them to come if they dare for me. They'll tear everything they see. You'll be able to feel the thrill of being bitten by your own dog that you raised. Ha, I'm already looking forward to it. Worried that this town will be harmed? If you were part of my group, you should be willing to accept that level of risk, shouldn't you?

From the moment that person gave me dumplings that weren't meant for me, shes already part of my group. If you don't intend to join, then be quick, give me the money and get lost. You're lucky to still be alive, because I want to make you scream. Kukuku


Buffclassskill 24s1tr bg
  • Exclusive voice lined class
  • Increases maximum scenario level by 10
  • When killing an enemy, a dedicated marker is displayed at the target location
  • Current damage is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Marks a zombie when that zombie is bellow 20% of its current HP
  • 1 initial mutation added in Zombie Z mode
  • Zombie scenario skill: Deals explosive damage within a certain radius and absorbs a small amount of HP. At the same time, increases the attack power of allies and yourself within the range. Slightly increases one's movement speed.
  • Applies <Auto heal> add-on effect by default (Can be stacked and effect increases)
  • When playing Zombie Scenario with a player who uses <Xiao Ming>, attack power and critical hit probability increase (Connection effect applied)
  • Exclusive voiceline when throwing Cousteau by left-clicking.

Pairing Weapon[]



The number of Cousteau held is reduced to 2, and a grenade is respawned once at the last explosion location.


Wolf Fairy Wolf spray

Character stats[]