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Gluttony is a boss appeared in Conspiracy and Madness chapters.


The Gluttony has a dragon-like face but with small wings and huge belly, also a giant back legs and small front ones.


  • Swallow: The boss will suck the players and swallow them. The players must activate the C4 in the boss's stomach to get out.
  • Bite: The boss will bite any player nearby.
  • Slam: The boss will hit the ground to damage the players.
  • Poison Gas: The boss will spit out poison gas from its tail while moving.
  • Insects Bombs: The boss will spit out his companion insects from its back just like Oberon but it will locate any player on the top and make them fall to the ground.



Minimal Weapons Required[]

Janus5 Compound Bow Skull4 Thunderbolt JANUS7 icon


Honor mission
Title Description Task
Diet Controller
[Diet Controller]
Gentlemen, perfection does not exist. Even if you feel like that, remember there will be always weaknesses. Note: only counted in room with 4 players and above, easy stage is not included. Defeat Gluttony 100 times.



  • Gluttony means habitual greed or excess in eating. Gluttony is also one of the seven deadly sins within Catholicism.
  • This is the first Boss that is capable of swallowing the players.
  • If a player is swallowed, he/she must plant 3 C4s in order to escape.
    • The boss's stomach is full of acid that gives continuous damage to the players.
    • The place where the players are sent to is actually a different location of the map.
    • There is a rare bug where sometimes players cannot plant the C4s, giving no chance to escape.
  • Before entering and exiting the boss's stomach, the screen will flash red.
  • There are several skeletons inside of Gluttony's stomach, which show that he has been devouring humans long before his encounter with Jim and Gerard.
  • The Boss' weak point is on his back between his wings, indicated with flashing red.
  • The sound of Gluttony when trying to suck the players is similar to the sound of Snark from Half-Life.
  • This creature resembles Ichthyosaur from Half-Life.
  • Gluttony's companion insects share the same model with Laser Wing's locusts.
  • JANUS-7's lightning attacks can give a lot of damage to Gluttony due to the fact that it auto-aims the weakest part of the object within a limited range.