Gluttony is the second boss of Zombie Scenario: Season 4 that appeared in Conspiracy chapter.


The Gluttony has a dragon-like face but with small wings and huge belly, also a giant back legs and small front ones.

The player will receive Gluttony's Tongue after defeating this boss (Note: this item cannot be obtained anymore after Zombie Scenario Re:boot. Instead, the players will receive the new ones).


  • Swallow: The boss will suck the players and swallow them. The players must activate the C4 in the boss's stomach to get out.
  • Bite: The boss will bite any player nearby.
  • Slam: The boss will hit the ground to damage the players.
  • Poison Gas: The boss will spit out poison gas from its tail while moving.
  • Insects Bombs: The boss will spit out his companion insects from its back just like Oberon but it will locate any player on the top and make them fall to the ground.


Gluttony scene

Zbs appear1

Recommended Weapons

Janus-5 Balrog5 Skull5 Skull4 SK6 Buypic Awpz

Plasma Thunderbolt Compound Bow Savery rifle icon Speargun


  • Gluttony means habitual greed or excess in eating.
  • This is the first Boss that is capable to swallow up the player.
  • Before fighting the boss, there is a cinematic scene where the boss come out from a drain.
  • The boss's stomach is full of acid that can damage the players.
  • Inside the boss's stomach, there are 3 C4s that must be activated and wait for 2 seconds to get out from the boss's stomach.
  • Before entering the boss's stomach, the screen will flash red. Also when exiting the boss's stomach.
  • The Boss' weak point is on his back between his wings.


CSOL China-Gluttony Trailer

CSOL China-Gluttony Trailer

CS Online - Conspiracy PART 3 (Final)-0

CS Online - Conspiracy PART 3 (Final)-0

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