Golden Key Event
In-game screenshot
Type Event
Time range
Description Every 100 points amounted from keys entitle the player to own one of the weapons that are displayed on the grid

The Golden Key was a Japan-exclusive event in Counter-Strike Online.


This event was replaced by Bingo event in later update.

This event allows players to own items that are displayed on 4×6 grid. Bearing a resemblance to the Bingo event, a Golden Key with a random number will be given whenever the player uses the Code Decoder, including the item bestowed from the Code Box.

By accrueing a total of 100 points in respect of the keys' values, the player is entitled to spin the roulette once and win an item. After that, 100 points have to be accumulated again before another spin can be attempted.

Take note that there are possibilities of winning duplicate weapons or items should they be owned by the player prior to or during the event. Also, there are time-restricted and/or permanent contents that are present.

Obtainable items (by random order)


Afro costume Elegant costume


Railcannon Ksg12 Icon m1887 cso

Plasma Lightninghz1

Bandita Barrett m95 WA2000


Lightsaber Tomahawk

Plasma grenade M32 MGL At4ex

Item counts




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