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Gravity Repulsor is an Epic grade pistol in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Epic Decoder and Resonance Energy.

A weapon created with anti-gravity technology. Fires anti-gravity rounds to inflict damage over an area and sends out pulses around the player to protect them. You can also automatically charge the anti-gravity energy to leap and hover in air, and rapidly descent and inflict damage.


  • The attack power for Anti-gravity rounds is increased while hovering.
  • The crosshairs will display successful hits.
  • Unlimited additional magazines are available in Scenario Mode.

Special Feature[]

  • <Repulsor Leap>: Use right-click to spend 100% of the gauge to damage nearby enemies and knock them back, then accelerate in the direction the player is aiming. Charges the gauge after landing, based on the number of enemies hit.
  • <Anti-graviton>: If your weapon is in use when the Repulsor Leap ends, the player will hover in air for a certain amount of time.
  • <Gravity Strike>: Can only be activated during Anti-Graviton with a right-click. Smash straight down into the ground and damage nearby enemies after landing. Knocks back nearby enemies and applies a powerful stun in a large area. Player does not receive damage for a short time after landing. Receive energy based on the number of enemies hit after landing.
  • Can obtain energy based on the number of enemies hit by Repulsor Leap and Fall Strike.
  • Energy charge and effects may vary by mode.

Corresponding medal[]

Resonance wings
Diverepulsorhonor This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Gravity Repulsor and Resonance Wings (Permanent) 10 Honor Points
Requirements 6940049224801244957 Can be obtained from Rare Costume Selection Box. Dive repulsor

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 13 July 2023.
  • China: 19 July 2023.


Chinese Character Soundtrack


  • This is the first weapon to have follow up animation (when energy is fully charged) regardless of other animations are performing (due to it having seperated model parts).
  • When you use Repulsor Leap and quickly switch to other weapons, you cant strafe to other directions untill the Repulsor Leap reach enough designated height.
  • If player has more than 50 latency, the weapon will plays firing animation twice.