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Grenade is a piece of equipment in Counter-Strike series.


Grenades are equipment which are set in slot 4. Different grenades carry out their specific functions. Most of them are for fragging and hurting enemies.


There are several grenades in Counter-Strike Online:

All Modes[]

He grenade icon
Main Article: HE Grenade
HE Grenade does different damage depends on the range of the victim and the location of the explosion. The closer the victim, the more damage dealt. Any obstacles between the victim and the explosion will reduce its damage.

Flashbang gfx
Main Article: Flashbang
The Flashbang is an equipment that can blind enemies for several seconds. It is very useful in small rooms and enclosed areas. A player is able to carry two flashbangs at a time.

Smokegrenade gfx
Main Article: Smoke Grenade
When smoke grenade is thrown, it creates a medium-sized grey smoke which can be used as an escape tactic or to disturb enemies' concentration.

Main Article: M67 hand grenade
The M67 is a green baseball-like hand grenade which is used by the US Army in real life. It does higher damage than the HE Grenade and only available in Frag War mode.

M24 grenade icon
Main Article: M24 Grenade
The main hand grenade of German during WW2, enhanced. Its stick-like shape makes it to be thrown further with less effort than conventional shaped ones. M24 Grenade does more damage and can be thrown a lot further than HE Grenade.

Zombie Mode[]

Main Article: Firebomb
The firebomb is a modified version of the M67 Hand Grenade. When thrown, it explodes and sets any nearby zombies on fire. The fire deals 50 damage every second for 10 seconds, giving a total of 500 health damage.

Main Article: Holy Bomb
This grenade can only be used by Fernando, a character exclusive to Zombie: The Mutation and Zombie: The Hero modes. This grenade contains holy water which deals high damage towards zombies in its radius and delivers continuous damage after that. It doesn't affect other humans or the user.

Main Article: Zombie Grenade
This grenade can only be used by zombies. It is purchasable through the Bomb Specialist package. It can be used in all Zombie Modes and is usable only once in each round with the exception of Zombie: The Hero, whereby the zombie grenade can be used again upon respawn.


Blood Grenade
Main Article: Desert Eagle Crimson Hunter

This is a special type of grenade, that only comes along with the DE Crimson Hunter. When using the pistol and successfully landing on target a predetermined number of shots, it will drain the blood of its target and put into the grenade. The grenade's impact wreaks dreadful harm and knockback to its surroundings.


Main Article: Mooncake
Mooncake is available for the players for free when near Mooncake festival. It shares the same peformance as HE Grenade.

Cakegrenade gfx
Main Article: Cake Grenade
Cake Grenade is released to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Counter-Strike Online. It has the same function as an HE Grenade.

Main Article: Jack-o'-lantern
The players will receive this item for free when they log in during the days near Halloween. This item will be removed from the system in the next update. It shares the same performance as a normal HE Grenade.

Heartbomb gfx
Main Article: Heart Bomb
This bomb is sold during Valentine event. The players will receive the gift by logging in during the event. It shares the same performance as the normal HE Grenade.

Main Article: Dao Grenade
This weapon is a high quality "Dao" character-shaped grenade with an unknown usage description stating "Hit me to explode". It will be thrown after the player has hit it hard and will eventually explode.

Plasma grenade
Main Article: Plasma Grenade
This grenade is made from unknown technology which allows it to adhere to any solid target upon contact for a few seconds before exploding.

Main Article: Chain Grenade
Adopted with a warhead of explosion, when thrown, this grenade can inflict continuous massive damage in a wide range.

Main Article: Rice Grenade
This grenade that is obtainable from event. It explodes into one of three types of explosions, each with different damage.

Water balloon grenade
Main Article: Water Balloon Grenade
An event-based grenade. The grenade explosion deals 30% of current enemy HP as damage, and has a chance of knockback.


link:Claymore Mine MDS
Main article: Claymore Mine MDS
Fires hundreds of iron balls forward with the pressure of internal explosives.Left click to detonate, right click to switch to a motion sensor. Front towards enemy.

link:Trinity Grenade
Main article: Trinity Grenade
It offers three powerful explosions (flame, stun, knockback) modes. When attached to the collision point, the Motion Detection System is activated in a transparent state.

Main article: Hellhound
State-of-the-art special military drone installed with Hologram AR System. Independently borders on you and attacks automatically when enemies are around.

Main article: Thunderstorm
A new grenade used during the Joseon Dynasty, a powerful grenade that you can set the fuse time using the wick's length.

link:Satellite Mine
Main article: Satellite Mine
This is a special mine equipped with state-of-the-art satellite guided bombing technology. It can independently search for nearby enemies and activate them or detonate them. When activated, a special area that reduces the movement of nearby enemies is activated. Inflicts a special laser bombardment that does not inflict damage.
Left mouse button: Mine installation
Right mouse button: Mine detonation command.

Main article: Sandalphon
A weapon from a different dimension, known as a Heavenly Relic. When deployed, it can protect its wielder and summon a heavenly being.

Main article: Cousteau
A futuristic sentry gun that lands in a stealth state once thrown, and automatically attacks any enemies it detects with its sensors.

Main article: IGNITE-10
This is the latest work from the Aegis Lab. You can use the Ignite system to quickly counter multiple enemies.


The Trinity Grenade can be adquired both on event, and decoder.