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Grievance or ALL FOR USER! is a system update in Counter-Strike Online.


Votekick Revision
  • If a player is kicked more than 5 times a day, he/she can earn EXP and game points to back up the penalty cost.
  • The vote-to-be-kicked player will receive a notification about voting, and the option to voice out against the vote.
  • Press F3 to agree, F4 to disagree or ESC to cancel the vote. Cancelled votes are classified as not participating in the vote.
  • Kicked players can only reenter the room after 3 minutes.
Event Progress Notification
  • Events notice are shown in the in-game's notification section.
  • Players can obtain more detailed information and guide about the current proceeding events.
  • Players can navigate directly to the information page on the website through the View button at the bottom of the details.
Playing Accumulated Statistics Page
Added Zombie Annihilation to League Rankings
  • Zombie Annihilation will be added to league rankings.
  • After playing Zombie Annihilation, players will obtain league scores.
Chat Frame Division
  • The general message area and system notifications area are divided in the chat window.
  • Now you can easily enjoy chatting using this convenient update.
Inventory Sorting and Searching Functions Improvement
  • Inventory searching function has been greatly improved for easily identifying and understanding.
  • Item categories were changed to ensure more convenient.
  • In case of newly acquired items, they will be displayed "NEW" on top for easily checking.
  • The ability to obtain sorted-by-name ordered items will be added.
Ban List Expansion
  • Ban list limit expanded from 30 to 150 restrictions.
Provided free Special Mission Reset usage
  • Before: PC-Bang 2 times.
  • After: Non-PC Bang 2 times, PC-Bang 3 times.
Manufacturing Cost and Time Reduction
  • Preparation time reduced from 1 second to 0.75 second.
  • The production costs reduced by 20%. (Unlimited manufacturing point reduced from 16000 to 12800 points)
Movie Recording Function
  • In addition to the demo, the movie recording function is added. Video settings can be found in the Options menu.
Auto-mounted Feature Items (Costumes) Modification
  • New costumes will be mounted automatically if there is no costume that was attached to the character previously.
Human Scenario Menu Improvement
  • The UI is changed, the Favorites feature is added.
  • Players can check the menu while waiting to respawn.
Modified Game Options saving inaccessibility
  • Modified the phenomenon that game options were not saved.
Patched Minigun's persistent revving up sound
  • The M134 Minigun's reving up sound in spectator mode has been fixed.
Added Blueprint and Durable Decomposition functions
  • Blueprints and Durables can be decomposed.
  • If you are decomposing an item, you can obtain two sub-items.
  • If you want to change the type of Blueprint, you can try to sort through the decomposition and combination functions.
Fixed bugs related to Zombie: The Union
  • Orbiting panels that used to be shown around your teammates made their way back, now even the players themselves will be able to see it around them.
  • Items stack in the HUD even though it was already used or the player had died.