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Zombie D Set: Gruesome Assassin was a part of Zombie sets in Counter-Strike Online.


This set was removed after the Free Update patch, as now the zombies and weapons become default in all player's inventories.

When using this set, the player can equip Nata Knife as melee weapon. Nata Knife can do very high damage and has long attack range.

If turns into a zombie, the player can turn into Light Zombie which can jump higher and move faster but has lower knockback resistance.

Tactics using Nata Knife[]

  • After a stab, never go for a second stab. Wait a while (best to shoot during this time), then go for it again.
  • There is a massive risk when attacking with a front stab. Try to attack with a back or side stab.

Tactics using Light Zombie[]

  • Use Bunnyhop tactic so you can move faster.
  • Light Zombie has very low knockback resistance. Be careful when you are facing off someone with M134 Minigun or Nata Knife or any type of shotguns.
  • Take advantage of its jump height to reach high places.