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Gun Deathmatch is a classic player versus player mode in Counter-Strike Online 2.


The gameplay basically is same with the previous one, but the weapon list are different. Upgrades are parallel with the weapon category starting from Pistols to the Knife, with the exception of the AWP and M249.

The player will be "Level Down" if he or she is killed by a Melee-wielding player. Killing a player with the same weapon will result in a "Level Up".

Weapon list[]

Level Weapon
1 Glock 18
2 USP45
3 Es Five Seven
4 P228
5 Dual Elites
6 Desert Eagle
8 MAC-10
9 UMP45
10 P90
11 Benelli M3
12 Benelli M4
13 Scout
14 Galil
15 Famas
16 AK-47
17 M4A1
18 SG552
19 AUG
20 SG550
21 G3SG-1
22 M249
23 AWP
24 HE Grenade
25 Seal Knife

Compatible maps[]

Reverse Gun Deathmatch[]

Mode eventmod02

After the 6 February 2014 update, there was an event mode called "Reverse Gun Deathmatch". The gameplay are similar, except the weapon sequences will be reversed. When the player reach the final level, they will be in Stealth mode. It has been removed after a play testing period of around two weeks of its release.



  • For unknown reasons, there is no appereance of the MP5 submachine gun.
  • Default weapons are only used in this mode. Newer ones such as the MP7A1 are excluded.
  • There's a "bug" in this mode, where players that earn assists with the Grenade won't acquire status upgrades unlike weapons, but will count towards the "Obtain X number of assists" objective.