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HE Grenade
HE Grenade
Purchase icon
Price in match$300

$1000 (Zombie Scenario)

$2000 (Human Scenario)
Used forInjures enemies
System code'hegrenade'

Room restrict limitfragheHigh-Explosive Grenade or simply HE Grenade is the default explosive grenade in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online.


The damage done by the HE grenade is variable, depending on the range of the victim and the location of the explosion. The closer the victim, the more damage dealt. Any obstacles between the victim and the explosion will reduce its damage. The explosion can injure victims behind an obstacle making it possible to kill enemies which aren't visible to the player.

HE Grenades are very useful to damage enemies nearby a corner. It bounces upon obstacles when it is thrown. To throw further with the grenade, aim at about 45 degrees angle. It is possible to throw grenades above walls in some maps making a surprise attack to the enemy. Therefore, it is also useful to force enemies out of hiding.

If friendly fire is off, the player will not injure their teammates with the explosion except themselves and the enemies. Maximum damage for a HE Grenade is 70 to enemies and the thrower. The damage done for teammates is greatly reduced as a tolerate action. Wearing a Kevlar can greatly reduce its effect.


Explode sound


  • Oddly, the HE Grenade does lower damage in Original, Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch. But in Zombie Modes, it does higher damage. Like in Zombie: The Union, where it can kill a player in a single explosion.
  • Scenario modes in the past rewarded players with every enemies they killed by the grenades. However, this is no longer in effect and prices for HE Grenades and its brethren are increased - $1000 in Zombie Scenario and $2000 in Human Scenario - to prevent grenade spamming.
  • HE Grenades that were thrown immediately before the thrower becomes a zombie or Joker will count previously-friendly players as the opposing team, which may kill the opposing players unexpectedly. OICW is prone of doing the same with its time-delayed grenade. Note that, this bug is illegal and player can be kicked out or banned if performing it. However, it was fixed in later updates.
  • In Zombie 4: Darkness, HE Grenade does higher damage and has wider explosion radius. Direct explode on a zombie can deal 1000+ damage per grenade, note that 2 HE Grenades can be hold at a time.
  • In Zombie File, when using the HE Grenade, a red target will appear to indicate the place where the grenade might be throw at. However, the grenade's damage is reduced in this mode.