Room restrict limitsniperHK SL8 (Heckler & Koch SL8) is an automatic sniper rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


The SL8 is a sniper rifle that is chambered with 20 rounds of 5.56 NATO ammunition. It has high rate of fire and its suppression is lethal at middle range.


  • Accurate in long ranges
  • High rate of fire
  • Low recoil for a sniper rifle
  • Customized scope for better perfomance
  • Available for both teams


  • Heavy weight
  • Low magazine capacity
  • Low damage for an automatic sniper rifle
  • Expensive 



The SL8 Gold holds 5 extra rounds in a magazine to a total of 25 and has 2% higher damage and 3% higher accuracy. It shares the same performance with the SL8 Custom. This weapon is only obtainable via Code Box.


The SL8 Custom is a highly-modified version of the SL8. This weapon has a suppressor installed on its muzzle and is fed with 25 rounds per magazine, 5 more than the original weapon. Its scope crosshair is modified and does higher damage than the original weapon.


Using 20 rounds of 5.56mm, this sniper rifle is designed to defeat the opponent with a fast rate of fire. It was specially made to commemorate the tenth anniversary.



Mode Buy cost Ammo cost (1 magazine) Ammo cost (full) Total
Original $4600 $60 $180 $4780
Scenario $4600 $60 $1200 $5800


Range 0m 36m
Armor Yes No Yes No
Head 183 244 174 232
Chest & Arm 45 61 43 58
Stomach 57 76 54 72
Leg 45 45 43 43


  • Camp in a spot to get maximum performance.
  • Always reload when you have time because it has low magazine size.

  • A 20 rounds SL8 can deal 820 ~ 3280 damage to zombies.
  • A 25 rounds SL8 Custom can deal 1050 ~ 4250 damage to zombies.
  • Camp in closed areas such as in vents/ducts.
  • Combine with Deadly Shot ability for maximum perfomance.

  • Not recommended due its low magazine size and damage. SG550 or G3SG1 are better options.
  • After purchasing the SL8 and its ammunition, the player will have $1700 as balance.


  • 22 October 2009: SL8 was released.
  • 6 December 2010: SL8 was released.
Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies
  • 27 November 2014: SL8 was released through Craft system and held Upgrade Event.
  • 1 April 2015: Gold edition was added into Code Box.
  • 26 March 2015: SL8 was released through Craft system.
  • 21 May 2015: Gold edition was added into Code Box.


Sg550 gfx
  • Lower recoil (-4%)
  • Higher fire rate (+2%)
  • Faster reload time (-0.4 seconds)
  • More accurate (+1%)
  • Available for both teams
  • Enhanced scope
  • Accurate in first shot
  • Same speed reduction (18%)
  • Shares the same caliber (5.56 NATO)
  • More expensive (+$400)
  • Lower damage (-7)
  • Lower magazine size (-10)

G3sg1 icon
  • Cheaper (-$400)
  • Lower recoil (-8%)
  • Higher fire rate (+2%)
  • Available for both teams
  • Faster reload time (-0.1 seconds)
  • Enhanced scope
  • Same speed reduction (18%)
  • Does not share the same caliber but costs the same ($60 for 30 bullets)
  • Same magazine size (20)
  • Lower damage (-16)
  • Less accurate (-6%)



Firing sound

Sl8 draw

Draw sound

Reload sl8

Reload sound

CSO 黃金審判之眼 v.s. 黃金疾風獵鷹 SL8 Gold Edition v.s

CSO 黃金審判之眼 v.s. 黃金疾風獵鷹 SL8 Gold Edition v.s. WA2000 Gold Edition


Firing sound

Reload sl8ex

Reload sound

Sl8ex draw

Draw sound

Cso-未日審判(SL8 EX)測試&打屍實戰by KZEROk123

Cso-未日審判(SL8 EX)測試&打屍實戰by KZEROk123


  • The SL8 is remodeled after its 10-rounds variant, but in-game it's depicted having 20/25-rounds magazine in-game.
  • On its buttstock there is an embossed sticker with the words "CSO".
  • The words written on the side of SL8 Custom's scope are "US. GOVT" and "KNIGHTS ARMAMENT CO".
  • The suppressor on SL8 Custom isn't functional, instead, the fire sound has more 'punch' to it.

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