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HP Supplement is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


This item is only available after Zombie Scenario Re:boot.

A combat assistance product developed by Dr.A. This will help your HP to take attack from zombies in the battle. By possessing this item in your inventory, your health will upgrade to a certain level varying on the grade of the item.


HP Supplements can be obtained randomly by opening Dr. A's Trunk after Zombie Scenario Re:boot. The grades of HP Supplements acquired vary on the grade of Dr. A's Trunk. For instance, opening Low Grade Dr. A's Trunk will give you a Low Grade HP Supplement.


Item Grade Effect
Lowhealthup.png Inferior Health will upgrade to stage 3 in zombie scenario mode
Midhealthup.png Intermediate Health will upgrade to stage 5 in zombie scenario mode
Highhealthup.png Superior Health will upgrade to stage 7 in zombie scenario mode


  • This item replaces the Stamina Drug which was removed after Zombie Scenario Re:boot.