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Halloween is a yearly event in Counter-Strike Online.


This event is held usually two weeks or less before the Hallow's Eve on 31st October every year. The players can get the following items during this event:

Pumpkin Grenade[]

Main article: Jack-o'-lantern.

This is the pumpkin-decorated version of HE Grenade. It has the same performance as HE Grenade.

Pumpkin Head Costume[]

Pumpkin Head

When applied, the player head will be decorated with pumpkin head and a witch hat on it. It glows light too.

Kid Ghost Costume[]

Kid Ghost

When applied, the player back will be decorated with a moving Kid Ghost.

Pumpkin Supply Box[]

Supplybox halloween
Main article: Supply box.

The supply boxes in Zombie Mods and Zombie Escape will be replaced with this model.