Room restrict limitknifeHammer is an exclusive melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


Empty slot This weapon has Part System installed.

Although it is slow and inefficient as a weapon, the secondary attack from it can knock back incoming zombies far away. It is only usable in Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero and Zombie: The Union.

Hammer can be used in Zombie Scenario after the player purchases Melee Weapons License.

After the Free Update patch, this weapon becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


  • High damage
  • Secondary attack has long range and does great knockback to zombies
  • Primary attack has high damage
  • Free


  • Has low swing rate
  • Very heavy, the player can only walk when wielding it while in secondary stance
  • Move as slow as firing M134 Minigun when crouching while in secondary stance
  • Primary attack deals low knockback


  • Never attack like if you were using a seal knife. Due to the attack delay, it will take a few seconds to hit.
  • Never use this when walking or running to somewhere, instead equip your secondary or lighter weapon.
  • Reach a high place, apply the secondary attack and knock away approaching zombies.
  • Zombies will be knocked far away with the exception of Ganymede, Deimos, Heavy zombie and Venom Guard.
  • In the cliff in Militia, you can knock zombies away with this weapon even if Regular zombie or Ganymede is using Berserk Skill.
  • After knocking away zombies, you might have time to reload your weapons.
  • Use the Sprint ability to perform a devastating attack combo.
  • Recommended to combine it with an effective automatic shotgun such as M4.
  • Combine the Ground Strafe technique for its best performance.




Hammer draw

Draw sound

Hammer swing

Swing sound

Hammer hit slash

Primary attack slash sound

Hammer hit stab

Secondary attack stab sound

CSO Zombie mode 3 hammer guerrilla

CSO Zombie mode 3 hammer guerrilla.mpg


  • Before the Free Update patch, Hammer and Nata Knife were sold with game points in South Korea region and Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, and cash points for other regions.
  • The hammer is the only melee that deals more damage with its primary attack.
  • Hammer also appeared in Zombie Shelter (original mode) as an upgraded collection melee weapon.
  • This is the first melee weapon that can change mode. The second is Beam Sword.
  • This is the first melee weapon that has speed reduction before Ruyi Stick.

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