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Looks like we have found the commander-in-chief of the heavy armor soldiers

Heavy Titan is the commander of Vanguard troop in Human Scenario.


The Heavy Titan has a new camouflaged skin, as well as some major buffs over the regular Titan. He appears in all Human Scenario Maps.

  • Higher Health - Around 6000 health points.
  • Does higher damage - Only 4 shots are needed to kill a player.


M134 gfx


  • The best weapon to beat him is Barrett M95.
  • Place Sentry gun for attack support.
  • Use Airstrike for attack support and to resist against their attacks.



  • The word "B.S.D" can be seen on the left shoulder along with a cross-like shape.
  • The world "MK 247" can be seen on the back.
  • Even though the skin of their weapon model is an ordinary M134 Minigun, the performances and stats are the same as M134 Predator.
  • They never reload their weapon.