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For original version, see PGM Hécate II.

Hécate II Umbra is a Flex sniper rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon can be obtained from Star Fragment

This powerful bolt action sniper rifle is chambered for 20 rounds of .50 BMG and is possessed by the specter of a prolific special force member from the past. The specter appears in the form of a shadow soldier as you defeat enemies, firing with a pinpoint precision before vanishing.


  • Very high damage to zombies
  • Has chain reaction if shot successfully kills
  • Can knock away zombies when reloading
  • Greatly slows down zombies, almost chain them to the ground


  • Very expensive to obtain
  • Require high precision shooting
  • Low rate of fire


  • Crosshair notification upon successful hit
  • Unlimited spare magazines in scenario mode

Special function[]

  • <Impello>: Knock back nearby enemies upon reload.
  • <Exorcismo>: Killing an enemy spawns a shadow soldier from the location where the enemy was killed, seeking and attacking a new enemy.


  • If the enemy is either killed or assist by another player, the summoned shadow soldier will shoot on next victim body part based on the last body part of last victim.
  • If the enemy is killed, another shadow soldier summoned in a loop untill there are no enemies left or the next enemy survives.
  • You can summon up to total 3 shadow soldiers at once.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 12 January 2023.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong/China/CSNS: 18 January 2023.


Shoot sound

Shadow Unit sound


  • The Shadow Unit's model is actually based on the SAF Scout model. The weapons hold are Dual Beretta Gunslinger when score assists and the Hecate II Umbra itself when score kills.
  • The design of the weapon is intentionally to be in line with Dual Beretta Gunslinger.
  • You cannot switch or drop your weapon when reloading to prevent knockback abuses.