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Hell Ride is the third New Zombie Shelter map in Counter-Strike Online.


Defeat AMP Suit within 30 days.

Zombies and Bosses[]

Zombietype defaultzb Zombietype lightzb Zombietype heavyzbZombietype pczb Zombietype doctorzbZombietype deimoszb Zombietype residentzbZombietype boomerzb

Zombietype deimos2zb

Boss Day Appeared Reward
Agracocoon Any N/A
Bosshp bg left jun00 new Any $7500


Ampsuit msg 5 $32000
Phobos msg 6 $32000
Oberon msg 10 $32000
Seizetypephobos msg 13 $32000


  • Sometimes, if there is anything solid in front of the trains, it will either be pushed away or block the path. If it blocks the path, the player must remove it. In addition, the trains will not go either forward or backward once they have reached the place next to where a Deimos is usually waiting at. To proceed, you have to turn back on both of the switches which are guarded by the Deimos and two turrets in order to clear the path.
    • ​There is a bug if a player is getting pushed by a train and suddenly jumps, it might kill them while being sent far away.
  • Unlike previous maps, there are some platforms which are fairly close enough to the entrance of the boss arena, giving the players a chance to not fight AMP Suit.
  • As day progresses, the following will happen:
    • Ganymedes will start spawning in the same place as a Juggernaut usually wanders around from Day 21 onward. You can easily recognize them due to their blue skin and dash ability.
    • From Day 22 onward, blue-colored Juggernauts will also start to spawn from time to time in the place where the Deimos is guarding at. Switching between Ganymede and Juggernaut may occur during next days or if luckily enough none of them will be there, leaving only the turrets.
    • Starting from Day 23, bosses such as Oberon and Siege Type Phobos will appear at the same day more than once, meaning that they will re-appear once they get defeated though this is only with Oberon. Furthermore, Deimoses will start wandering around the map as common zombies during daylight and night time, alongside Ganymedes in the latter, to increase the difficulty.
  • Search for places where inflammable barrels are, as they indicate blocked shortcuts which require the use of C4s. It is advisable to destroy them, so you earn time when moving from a location to another.

Release date[]

This map was released on:

  • South Korea: 18 September 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 23 September 2014.
  • China/Japan: 24 September 2014.
  • Indonesia: 1 April 2015.
  • CSN:Z: 30 June 2015.


Official screenshots[]


  • A new train rail function is introduced in this map, which uses a similar entity and idea as in On A Rail chapter in Half-Life. It also allows the player to change the train direction by hitting the arrow signage.
  • There are several containers with the logo "KRONOS", which is the same as Port.