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Hero s Heroine is a female character in Counter-Strike Online.


Players will be chosen to play as Heroine randomly in Zombie 3: Hero mode. After 20 seconds of the round, a player will be chosen to become Heroine. The Heroine can choose 1 of these weapons: Quad Barrel, SVD Custom, M134 Vulcan or Dual Kriss Custom; also the Dual Desert Eagle will be provided as the secondary weapon automatically. Only female models are available to become this character.

Just like other human characters, the Heroine is still vulnerable to zombie's attack.

Favorite weapons[]

Zmrewalk dualkrisshero Zmrewalk m134hero Zmrewalk qbarrel Zmrewalk svdex Zmrewalk ddeagle Infinity Black Parang Dragontail1



  • The model shows Heroine carrying an unusable, different model of machete, on her back.
  • The image message that appears when the player becomes the Heroine in-game shows Heroine armed with an Infinity Black.
  • Like the Hero, the Heroine's primary weapons are irreplaceable. Her primary weapons also cannot be dropped even with Deimos's [Shock] ability.
  • She, the Hero, Gerard and David Black are some of the survivors seen in certain posters and in the Counter-Strike Online manga.
  • If a player is hosting a room, he/she will have a higher chance of becoming the Heroine.
  • Her real name is Kate, according to South Korea's website.
  • Before the Zombie Mode Rework patch, the Heroine could only use Quad Barrel as the main primary weapon. Her secondary weapon also changed to Dual Desert Eagle automatically and could not be dropped.