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Hippomenes is the the boss that appeared in Neon City.


A artificial creature lurking around Neon City, suspected to be one of Kronos creation based on a living lion.


  • Leap Strike: Hippomenes will leap and perform a slam that leaves a wave of fire pillar
  • Foward Charge: Hippomenes will charge foward
  • Fire Breath: Hippomenes will breath fire that slows target if they are far away
  • Claw Slash: Hippomenes will slash it claws
  • Spinning Wave: Hippomenes will perform a spin that emits fire wave and knocks target upward
  • Cursing Flame: Hippomenes will prone and glow its fur, creating a sphere of fire that follows and deal damage to one target player
  • Hyper-Defensive Mechanism: When reached 50% remaining HP, Hippomenes will enter a hyper defensive mechanism mode with its barrier, immune to damage, summon 4 infernal sphere to its direction which can be destroyed and leaves a safe zone to players, once all of the infernal sphere moved toward Hippomenes or all of them has been destroyed, Hippomenes will break the barrier and kills all player that not entering the safe zone left by destroyed spheres, the infernal sphere also damage player on contact.
  • Life-support Barrier: Hippomenes will activate its emergency barrier and also change its fur to green in near death.


Boss theme


  • You can see more than one Hippomenes at the first map of Neon City.
  • Its boss fight BGM shared with Agent H (The Anger of Ritsuka) although they both have no relation to each other.