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Room restrict limitfragheHoly Bomb is a special grenade used only by Fernando.


This item can only be used by Fernando. It contains holy water which deals high damage towards zombies in its radius and delivers continuous damage after that. It doesn't affect other humans or the user.


  • Only explodes upon touching something
  • Cannot hurt the user and other players around it
  • Higher damage than Firebomb and HE Grenade
  • Has an afterburn effect (deals 200 damage per second for 10 seconds)
  • Can reveal the location of light zombies which are using invisibility skill



Zombie Infection[]

  • Use it against weak zombies or a zombie horde as its explosion radius is high enough to light up a bunch of them. 
  • Seek for possible hidden zombies with it.

Zombie Scenario[]

  • The Holy Bomb works well against bosses when it comes to leveling up, earn money and last but no least, dealing high damage for both initial explosion and afterburn effect.




Ditto (unused)



  • This weapon is based on the Molotov Cocktail in real life, which shares the same idea and usage.
  • The water may contain anti-zombie chemicals due to the fact that it can inflict damage towards zombies but not on humans.
  • Even though the user is moving, the water inside does not seem to react and stays stationary.
  • An interesting note is that the user will not announce "Fire in the hole!" when hurling the grenade.
  • In Illusion chapter, there are several unused Holy Bombs found on the tables where you recover health points.
  • The explosion sound is actually re-used from the Zombie Grenade, this later changed to its own upon release of Refined Holy Water Bomb

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