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BuffHoly Sword Divine Order is a Transcendent grade melee weapon in the Transcendence Series, and the fourth one overall.


This item can be obtained from Premium Top 50 Decoder.

A legendary sword that can only be wielded by those chosen as guardians. It lays low the forces of evil with its holy power

The sword is strengthened by striking evil beings, and its <Holy Guard> and <Holy Smite> skills are strengthened as well.

  • Holy Crash (Holy Smite): Left-clicking and holding the button will charge up the sword's energy, allowing you to deliver a powerful attack.
  • Holy Impact (Holy Guard): When you take a defensive stance by right-clicking you'll defend against the enemy's attack and perform a powerful counterattack, it does not work in non-zombie modes.


  • High damage on all attack variant
  • Has ranged attacks despite being a melee
  • Holy Guard is an instant-draw
  • Moderate range attack
  • Moderate attack speed
  • High stun power
  • High knockback power on both special attack
  • Holy Guard can deflect all kind of attacks from zombie (such as Deimos's shockwave, Banshee's pulling bat)
  • Holy Guard can protect yourself and nearby allies


  • Slow draw time
  • Need 5 hits to activated full form
  • Holy Crash's slow projectile speed can be avoided easily by enemies
  • Hard to recover from Holy Impact which can easily lead to death
  • Hard to obtain
  • Holy Impact cannot deflect enemy attacks in Original mode
  • Holy Impact can take away hp after hitting from zombie
  • Irreversible consequence if recklessly use Holy Guard

Release date[]

  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 19 September 2018.
  • South Korea: 20 September 2018.
  • Japan & China: 27 September 2018.
  • Indonesia: 27 September 2018.
  • CSN:Z: 7 November 2018.


Zombie modes

The Holy Sword has three attack mechanisms:

  • Clicking the LMB continuously will perform the basic slashing action, which can cause continuous and efficient stable damage output to zombies.
  • Long press of the LMB will trigger the first active skill of the Holy Sword, and it is also the only long-range damage skill of this melee weapon - Holy Crash, which will release a powerful light bomb in the straight line after the release, causing high levels of damage to enemy targets hit on the path. It has very significant effects in special terrains such as corridors and pipes.
  • Holy Impact, can be said to be the core essence of this weapon. When zombies are approaching, long press the RMB to defend, and as long as you are attacked by zombies during this period, the special attack will immediately trigger and hit all enemies around. After triggered, you will be invincible for 1 second. However, it should be noted that you can't keep a defensive stance at all time, as it only last 4 seconds. When the special attack failed to trigger, you will enter a 'cooldown' period where it will be your weakest moment of defense, and the most vulnerable state to being infected by zombie, since you can't do any attack of the sword, or switch to other weapons. Therefore, how to properly control the distance between the zombies and the timing of triggering the special attack will be a compulsory course for every Holy Sword user.
  • The regular slashing ( quick LMB click ) applies charges that power up the sword. Once 6 slashes are connected, the sword awakes and all the attack variants will have both their damage and range enhanced.
  • Holy Crash and Holy Impact consume all the power up charges and revert the sword back to dormant state.
  • While awaken, the parry animations differs from parrying at dormant.
  • The biggest weakness of this weapon is it only protects you from incoming attack if the X number of attacking enemy is hit by Holy Guard AFTER the deflecting ended, if you're in the open space, you'll be completely exposed if Holy Guard does not hit any other targets or incoming target as they can take this advantage to take you down.
  • Holy Guard protects you from the hitbox direction that you got hit so be cautious as you can still get infected after deflecting if you got hit from other unguarded hitboxes.
  • If you deflect a ranged zombie skill or zombie grenade, the Holy Guard protection from further attack is also vaild on multiple directions, but its not recommended to be reckless with this minimal advantage.
  • Its recommended to crouch and put yourself in non exposing corners or look down as Holy Guard can protect you from all incoming enemy in your range and prevent yourself from being exposed by the hitbox especially while standing.
  • Holy Guard can also protect surrounding allies if they're near you, if more allies using Holy Sword's Holy Guard near you, you might not be able to deflect any attacks.
Zombie Scenario
  • You can be immune to damage with the 1 second invicibility of Holy Impact. Take advantage of this when attacked and surrounded by zombies.
    • You can be immune to Kraken's laser attack in Panic Room when spamming this skill.
    • As long the damage value of the incoming attack does NOT exceed 120% of the user's max hitpoint, and the impact is not an explosion, it is blockable. As a conclusion, boosting the max hitpoint by attributes and/or parts will render more threats guardable.
    • A good example is Zavist and Neid. The max hitpoint threshold is 1300. Once the user has more max hitpoint value than 1300, all their moves become guardable.
    • This weapon is also valuable to protect you from Elite Monsters, as long as you stay cautious to your remaining HP and quickly use other weapons (best recommended are Vampiric parts equipped weapons) before get yourself back to guarding stance.




Charging loop

Charged attack


Paring Slash

Parry attack

Cannon attack

Cannon explosion


  • This is first melee weapon that can defend against incoming attacks.
  • This is the second melee weapon in the Transcendence Series to be a "standard" sword, after Blade Runebreaker.
  • This weapon design is intentionally to be a sequel for the AUG Guardian.
    • The idle sound while holding Holy Smite charge similar with AUG Guardian but the pitch is lowered.
  • Parry attack sound is low pitched version of Dual Beretta Gunslinger's shockwave knockback sound mixed with "ka-ching" sound effect.
  • After the 28 September 2018 update in South Korea, some changes were implemented to the weapon.
    • Before, there was some inconsistency with the defensive move. You can still be infected even though you already raised the sword to defend. The inconsistency have since been fixed.
    • Also, the defense attack will trigger if a zombie is clawing near you even though they did not directly attack you. And, now you can immediately use the defense attack after switching from other weapons without delay, with an additional 1-second invicibility after the skill has been triggered.