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For the counterpart faction, see Zombie.

Humans win!


Human is a team in Zombie Modes.

Zombie Infection (Original, Mutation, Hero, Darkness)[]

In this mode, the Human team must prevent themselves from being attacked by the zombies and survive the round. The attacked Human will turn into a zombie.

Zombie Mod[]

Similar to Zombie 1: Original, except that player will coop with Bots.

Zombie Scenario[]

In this mode, the Human team must survive the round or reach the targeted area without all of the members dying. There is no infection in this mode but the difficulty of zombies increases as the game progresses.

Zombie: The Union[]

Counter-Terrorist team must eliminate the Terrorist team and vice versa but in this mode, zombies can be chosen.

Zombie Escape[]

The Human team must escape to the targeted area to win the round. The humans that are late will be left behind while the humans that are attacked by the zombies will turn into the zombie instead.

New Zombie Shelter[]

This mode is where Humans need to cooperate with the team members to build the shelter and survive from the zombies. There are cooperation and team match options.

Zombie Giant[]

In this mode, some random players will be selected as the zombie bosses to annihilate the humans. The human team have to battle against them with bots to assist and can transform into an XT-300 Goliath upon summoning.

Zombie Annihilation[]

The gameplay is similar to Zombie Infection modes, except that humans will get killed instead of infected once a zombie attacks them. On the other hand, half of the players are infected but are unable to see, move or attack during the 20 second countdown.

Zombie File[]

In this mode, the human plays role as Soy to experience the secrets behind Zombie Scenario as read in the case file. Player can achieve the given goal alone or compete with other players.

Zombie Tag[]

In this mode, at least one zombie has to reach the escape zone before the time ends. Meanwhile, the humans must kill the real zombies (human players, not AI controlled) within the time limit or prevent one of them from reaching the escape zone.