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Hunter Killer is a weapon series in Counter-Strike Online. They are the unique grade weapons that are released mostly in Top 50 Decoder. They are known for the weapon generation of having Part System compatible to be attached.

Hunter Killer X-15[]

Main article: Hunter Killer X-15

A trial assault rifle developed by the Kronos company fed with 30 rounds of 5.56 mm special bullet. It is equipped with Hunter Killer module which can detect the presence of zombies with its thermal scope. When using the module, it is used as a tactical sniper rifle.

Hunter Killer X-90[]

Main article: Hunter Killer X-90

A special submachine gun manufactured by Kronos using 50 specially-designed cartridges of 5.7mm ammunition. It is equipped with a Hunter Killer module, activating a tactical scanner after landing enough shots on-target. Thermal vision shows zombie locations through walls.

Hunter Killer X-12[]

Main article: Hunter Killer X-12

This is a shotgun fed with 30 rounds of 12 Gauge Thermal. It is a test weapon developed by Kronos Company equipped with Hunter Killer module. If the zombies are hit more than a certain number of times, it will detect zombies and Tactical Scanning Auto Firing feature will be activated.

Hunter Killer X-7[]

Main article: Hunter Killer X-7

This is a test machine gun developed by Kronos that uses 150 rounds of 7.62mm special bullet. It is equipped with Hunter Killer module and can detect zombies. You can take advantage of the Tactical Scanning Fire feature.

Hunter Killer X-45[]

Main article: Hunter Killer X-45

This 15 rounds of .45 pistol has a stable balance and Hunter Killer module that allows you to use a tactical shooting to detect zombies if you hit the zombie more than a certain number of times.