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Hunter Killer X-15 is a Unique grade assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


Empty slot This weapon has Part System installed.

A trial assault rifle developed by the Kronos company fed with 30 rounds of 5.56 mm special bullet. It is equipped with Hunter Killer module which can detect the presence of zombies with its thermal scope. When using the module, it is used as a tactical sniper rifle.


  • High damage
  • High accuracy on both mode
  • Moderate recoil
  • High magazine size
  • High rate of fire on A mode
  • High stun power
  • Can detect enemy, even behind object
  • Appliable with Part System


  • Heavy weight
  • Consume ammo to activated B mode
    • Limited duration to use B mode
    • Limited detection distance in B mode
  • Low rate of fire on B mode
  • Expensive price
  • Hard to obtain
  • B mode does not overlay enemies in Original modes

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 26 July 2018.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 31 July 2018.
  • China & Japan: 1 August 2018.
  • Indonesia: 5 September 2018.
  • CSN:Z: 12 September 2018.


  • To activate the KX mode, 30 hits are needed. The mode activation has no time limit.
  • The KX mode has limited duration of several seconds after the user press the right click button.
  • Due to limited duration time to use, use the KX mode wisely since it has low rate of fire. However it does tremendous damage and highly-recommend to aim for the head to get the maximum damage.
  • Make sure to check the ammo balance before changing to KX mode since it will be canceled out immediately if the ammo is zero.


Shoot sound



  • This weapon model is based on the Beretta ARX-160 while the barrel shroud is similar to Stun Rifle's.
  • The enemy detection system is similar to VULCANUS-5.
  • When shooting with the KX mode, the fire effect similar with M4A1 Dark Knight's B mode.
  • This weapon is named as "ARGOS" in the texture files.
  • When using the KX mode, the user does not look into the scope directly but instead above it. It also has minor centering issue where it may make the user a little bit confused with the crosshair alignment.
  • The mode activation is similar with JANUS Series.