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For original version, see Gáe Bolg.

Hyper Gaebolg is a Transcendent grade equipment in Counter-Strike Online.


Hyper Gaebolg, which has some of the leaked initial technology applied, has a guidance function in the basic attack in zombie mode and a function to charge and inflict great damage has been added.

  • It is equipped as the main weapon and the knockback effect applied to Zombie and Zombie Scenario modes.
  • Hyper Shot: Right-click to charge and use, causing great damage to enemies hit. When fully charged, greater damage is inflicted.


  • Crosshair notification when successful hit
  • Unlimited spare magazine in scenario mode.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 18 January 2024.

Comparison to Gáe Bolg[]


  • Higher damage to zombies
  • More reserved ammo
  • Shorter reload time

Obtain event[]

Cumulative number Compensation
First Login Hyper Gaebolg (1 day)
10 pieces Hyper Gaebolg (15 days) + Zombie Scenario Add-on Chance Box (5 pcs)
50 pieces Rare Decoder (10 pcs) + Zombie Damage Meter (5 days)
100 pieces Unique Decoder (10 pcs) + Parts Tier 4 Reward Box (5 pcs)
150 pieces Event Decoder (10 pieces) + Weapon Enhancement Experience 50 (5 pieces)
200 pieces Class Decoder (10 pieces) + Weapon Enhancement Experience 100 (5 pieces)
250 pieces Transcendence Decoder (10 pieces ) + Weapon Enhancement Experience 200 (5 pieces)
300 pieces Hyper Gaebolg (Unlimited)



  • This weapon has no self damage so players wont be able to perform self boost.
  • This is the second weapon to have auto target projectile on initial fire after Failnaught