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For original version, see Black Rose Miho.

Idol Miho is a Transcendent grade Counter-Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


Originally, she was a magical girl who came to another world due to a dimensional collapse, but she debuted as an idol for practical reasons, wanting to make a living and find a way to return. Although she is still embarrassed to stand in public, Miho likes the killer whale concept costume. She is famous as an idol. She decided to debut after hearing that she could find a way to return to the world she originally lived in. However, people think of being a magical girl from another world as an idol concept.

  • When playing with this character, a 10% experience point bonus and a 10% point bonus (20% in PC rooms) are applied.
  • If this character is used in zombie scenario mode, it has a higher maximum level than the regular class.


Buffclassskill 23s4tr bg
  • Exclusive voice-lined class
  • Increases maximum scenario level by 10
  • When killing an enemy, a dedicated marker is displayed at the target location
  • Your current speed is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • In zombie mode, zombies with health below 20% is displayed
  • 1 initial mutation added in Zombie Z mode
  • Zombie scenario skill: Applies unlimited magazine effects to yourself and nearby allies and can use a buff skill that increases your attack power.
  • <Bullet multiplication> add-on effect applied as standard (can be duplicated, effect increases when duplicated)
  • Reduced amount of damage received when proceeding with zombie scenario with <Idol Shiho> class (applied connection effect)
  • Negev NG-7 Ajax: The number of barricades increased by one (two in total) and the basic attack power increases.
  • Negev NG-7 Ajax exclusive dialogue output when Overload Discharge function is used

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 30 November 2023.

Miho's Killer Whale Headband[]

Buffclass23s4ct head

Actually, this is Evil Cat disguised as a headband.

Zombie Scenario Stats[]