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For his Terrorist counterpart, see Smile Mary.

Immortal Eric is a Transcendent grade Counter-Terrorist male character in Counter-Strike Online.


He went to near death condition due to a zombie attack, but miraculously his wounds were healed and be able to live again with extraordinary power. When his resilience and strength gave him equal strength to the zombies, he plunged himself into the zombie den to help people on the front lines. Like the nickname immortal, whenever rumors spread that he was dead, he suddenly reappeared in front of public and became an element of surprise. He does not belong to any official organization and is known to go with Smile Mary.


I'll protect everything! Come here if you want to live!
— Eric

After the zombie apocalypse, I had to keep running away. For ordinary people, zombies were an unbearable fear. Of course, I did not know things well, but it's the instinct that made me move smartly and look for the survivors. The survivors had to hide their presence and sleep in fear. Then when the zombies appeared... I ran blindly to survive. That was the only way. I've heard of people fighting against zombies, but well? No one came to help us. I had to survive on my own.

That night too, I hid in an abandoned barn and slept with a corpse... That smell, a pleasant rotten smell. That's where the guys came from. Eagerly, they also slowly approached us with their voices silenced. The victim that day was me. There was nowhere to run. Mixed with the onslaught of zombies, I felled and gradually lost consciousness by the pain. I don't know how much time has passed. When I woke up, the day was slowly getting brighter.

Funny, I was still wallowing with zombies. Once I smashed them with my bare fists. I wasn't who I was before, I was experiencing a miracle of boiling strength and healing from zombie bites, I don't know why I got this ability, but I know what I need to do is smash zombies and help people!


Buffclassskill 22s3ct bg
  • Pairing Weapon: Death Eater
  • Pairing Effect: Increases the charging speed of special attack bullets.
  • Hyper Beam: This is a special function that fires a beam that damages enemies in front. In Zombie Mode, it pushes back zombies.
  • Zombie Scenario Mode skill:
    • Passive: (Zombie Scenario) Continuously recovers HP and increases defense of you and nearby allies.
    • Active: (Zombie Scenario) Maximizes HP recovery and defense increase effects granted to you and nearby allies.
  • Connection effect - (Zombie Scenario) If you play with Smile Mary, there is a probability that you will not take damage when attacked.
  • Add-On Function - ( Zombie Scenario ) <Ironclad> Add-on effect is applied as default, and only 10% damage reduction effect is applied when using the same add-on.
  • Class exclusive voices applied.
  • When playing as this character, a 10% EXP/point bonus is applied. (EXP/point bonus of 20% is applied in the PC room)
  • This character has a higher level than the normal class in Zombie Scenario Mode.
  • For this character, one initial mutation will be added in Zombie Z mode.
  • This character's current damage is displayed on the lower HUD.
  • Enemies with less than 20% are displayed with a marker.
  • When this character kills an enemy, a dedicated kill mark is printed.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 11 August 2022.

Zombie Scenario stats[]




  • Eric is oddly shown with buffed right hand and skinny left hand in some of the released promotional images due to view angles.