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BuffInfinity Laser Fist is the first Submachine gun under Transcendence Series in Counter-Strike Online.


This item is obtainable from Transcendence Decoder.

A specially-crafted mini laser machine guns attached directly to the arms, designed for both firepower and mobility.

Its self-generating infinite energy source allows the weapon to constantly discharge energy attacks.


  • Massive damage on B mode
  • Highly accurate
  • Very low recoil
  • Very high rate of fire
  • Lighter than knife
  • High knockback power
  • Large magazine size
  • Short reload time
  • No need for bullets to use B mode
  • Infinite ammo in Zombie Z with "Ammo Reserves" mutation


  • Very low damage on A mode
  • Very expensive price
  • Need time to activate the B mode
  • Easily run dry
  • Low reserved ammo
  • Like Ethereal its attack are projectiles so it's difficult to see impact point

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 29 May 2019.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 4 June 2019.
  • China: 5 June 2019.
  • CSN:Z: 12 June 2019.
  • Indonesia: 3 July 2019.


Confirmation Event

Obtain 300 payment points by using Premium Top 50 Decoder or Premium Unlimited Top 50 Decoder to get this gun for permanent.

  • 1 point for each Premium Top 50 Decoder opened.
  • 6 points for each Unlimited Premium Top 50 Decoder opened.


A mode shoot

B mode change

B mode shoot

B mode explode


  • There's a bug where before you start The B mode, the gun doesn't play its charge animation, resulting 3 seconds lost before you can reuse its B mode. (This is fixed upon the release of Eternity Laser Fist).


  • This is the fastest-shooting weapon in CSO, at 2400 RPM.
  • This weapon has the highest ammo count of all weapons.

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