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For her counterpart, see Ethan.

Ishmael or Ismael (in CSN:S) is a Transcendent grade Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


This class can be obtained from Class Decoder.

A human-vampire hybrid, born into a noble family, she has lived her life suffering from discrimination and neglect because of her mixed blood. Her pride as nobility has become a twisted defense mechanism that leads her to sneer at everything. While she appears human, her vampiric blood gives her great physical abilities. She is the sole survivor of her family. Her parents were executed by the inquisitors when the townsfolk sold them out. She has joined a hunter's guild who highly value her abilities, making a living killing those who could be her brothers or sisters.

  • If you play as this character, 10% EXP and 10% points (20% in PC rooms) bonuses are applied.
  • In Zombie Scenario mode, this character has a higher max level than normal classes.


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  • Transcendence Class exclusive voices are applied.
  • Scenario max level increases by 10
  • Upon killing an enemy, leaves a unique mark at the target location.
  • Displays your current damage at the bottom of the screen.
  • In Zombie Mode, zombies with less than 20% HP are displayed.
  • Adds 1 initial mutation in Zombie Z Mode.
  • Exclusive Skill: Feast of Blood - In Zombie Scenario, she can use this skill to increase the attack power of herself and allies by 30% for 10 seconds, while restoring her HP for 1% of the damage she deals. Infinite Ammo effect is applied during the duration of this buff (herself and allies). Allies within a certain distance get the buff, but the HP restoring skill is only applied to herself.
  • Increases the number of penetrations when using Failnaught's charging shot
  • Dedicated dialogue output when used
  • Add 200% of game points when holding this character
  • Add 50% of game points to all users who played with this character

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 16 September 2021.
  • CSN:S: 6 October 2021.

Zombie Scenario Stats[]



"I smell prey"

"Let the hunt begin"


  • Her namesake is actually a male.
  • She was originally named Isabella on Season 10 preview. This is changed due to there is a character named as Isabelle already.
  • The background image shows Blood Castle map.