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Isolation (zs_mall) is an epilogue chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 8 in Counter-Strike Online.


Survive until the final round against zombies and super soldiers.

Map info[]

The surviving forces of the Aegis Institute Research Center obtain information that Super Soldier and Kronos are meeting and decide to conduct a surprise operation. However, the surprise team arriving at the meeting place is rather isolated by the enemy's encirclement.

  • Goal: Survive until the final round against the hordes of zombies.

Map loading[]

  • Goal: Stay away from incoming zombies and Super Soldier attacks and survive until the final round.
  • Press 'B' in the shop area to purchase weapons.
  • You can use '5 key' or '6 key' to restore health, and 'R key' to revive battle.
  • If your team is wiped out, you can use the round re-challenge item by pressing 'R key'.
  • If you clear a round while alive, you will receive a larger round clear bonus.


○○month ○○day △△hour △△minute

Anomaly signals began to be picked up in the Lost City, which was closed down due to a zombie apocalypse not long ago. A sudden stop in a forbidden place where civilian access is restricted. The signal that started to occur was suspicious. After identifying and interpreting the signal pattern, I was able to figure out a surprising fact. The signal was an encrypted communication, and its content was the one that put Gerard and David Black in a corner. It was about Super Soldier Agent B contacting Kronos. This information was reported to the superior immediately and they decided to continue monitoring their communications.

  • From the journal of an Aegis spy agent


Round 1
Carlito1 msg
Victor msg
Zim msg
  • Inside the mall in the center of the Lost City
  • Carlito: This is a wild goose, respond Captain. Arrived at location.
  • Victor: Received. According to intelligence, Kronos and Super Soldier will be contacting each other soon!
  • Carlito: Got it, Captain. I think I can avenge the humiliation I suffered at Vanguard Company today!
  • Victor: Carlito. I understand how you feel, but be careful... Support...
  • Carlito: ....... Looks like communication has been lost.
  • Carlito: This is a familiar repertoire? Could it be that they lured us in?
  • Jim: Heh heh. They're obvious! Carlito, aren't you nervous?
  • Carlito: Heck. As long as the heart of vengeance buried in my chest beats, that will never happen.
  • Jim: That's right, I never thought a wild horse like you Carlito would say such a thing.
  • Jim: Let's have a great party!

1st round boss appears
Agent B
  • Agent B: You've been caught! You idiots!
  • Agent B: All of you who interfere with his cause will become materials for explosive art!
  • Agent B: Come on! Take the bomb!
2nd round boss appears
  • Agent B: Starting Explosive Art!
3rd round boss appears
  • Agent B: Explosion, explosion, explosion! Explosion is an art!
  • Agent B: My explosion and your screams will create the best harmony!
  • Agent B: Now! Feel the explosion.
4th round boss appears
  • Agent B: I'll teach you what brilliant explosive art is!
Round 5 Boss Appears
  • Agent B: I will show you true explosive art with all my heart!
Last common
  • Agent B: He's calling! Lucky you.
Boss dies
  • Agent B: The heat of the explosion has cooled, but the art is not over.
  • Agent B: As he wishes."
  • Carlito: You bastard! Don't run away!
  • Jim: Hey! Carlito calm down. Communications restored, but no response from HQ.
  • Carlito: Ugh, damn it! Could it be a bait? I need to come back soon!



  • This chapter marks the return of Carlito, Victor and Jim after a long time.
  • This map reuses the remake version of Hong Kong textures.
  • There are many Nyx posters in the map.
  • This map uses some models from a cut Zombie Shelter map, zsh_snowmart.