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ItemItem Battle is a fun mode in Counter-Strike Online.


The goal is to kill the enemy team with various special items to achieve the victory condition as Kill/Death streaks will not accumulate. This mode is similar to Zombie Union, except it doesn't involve zombies. Note that all fall damage has been nullified, excepting special conditions involved with the map itself.

New Update[]

As of 4 December 2014 update of South Korea, Item Battle has been rebooted to provide more powerups and maps to be played. It is also noted that all items obtained in the game do not require to be purchased first, and a delay is imposed after every powerup is used to prevent spamming.

Special Items


  • In this mode, the AT4CS and Ripper are introduced as special items protected in a yellow barricade which must be destroyed to obtain. The special weapons also feature a transparent skin, which is different from the normal ones, for easy recognition.
  • The special AT4CS has a clip capacity of 30 rockets in total, so the user does not have to reload every rocket fired. However, upon firing all the rockets the weapon is rendered useless.
  • The special Ripper increases the user's movement speed significantly that it nullifies the effect of most offensive items. Furthermore, its secondary attack deals higher damage enough to take out multiple humans with a single slash.
  • Both special weapons upon picked up by a player, will surround the user with an aura depicted with their team color.
Offensive Items
  • Nuclear Bomb: The player is able to launch a nuclear bomb at a targeted area.
  • Black Hole: Spawns a black hole that pulls enemies towards a targeted area and damage them.
  • Hurricane: Sends a hurricane to the targeted area.
  • Homing Missile: Sends a bunch of homing missiles which seeks for nearby players.
  • Power Dash: Sends a wave of power attack to the targeted enemy.
  • Knockback Bomb: Knocks away enemies at the targeted area.
  • Suicide Pierrot: Releases a Pierrot to search for nearby enemies to end up destroying themselves along with them.
Defensive Items
  • Enhanced Radar: Able to see enemies on the radar and through walls. Enemies will be seen in a red glow.
  • Invisibility: Cannot be seen for a while when used. Effect is nullified when user attacks.
  • Invincibility: Does not receive any damage for short period of time.
  • Boot Booster: Provides a jump boost to oneself.
  • Teleport: Instantaneously transports the user to a targeted area.
  • Portal: Able to create a portal between the user's current position to their spawn zones.
Other Changes
  • The player now is able to swap between items by pressing both SHIFT + E.
  • Powerup icons will be displayed in both boxes and above the player who picked it up.
  • New map added: Dust2.
  • Powerups are not lost upon death.

Compatible maps[]

Checkmate Dust2 icon

Tool tips[]

Items (old version)[]

Icon Name Description
Zbt invincibility Invincibility No damage received for 4.5 seconds.
Fun maxhpup HP Up Increases maximum health points to 500 for 5 seconds
Zbt fast Speed Up Increases the movement speed for 4.5 seconds.
Zbt damagedouble Triple Damage Triples the attack damage for 5 seconds.
Fun snowman Snowman Summons a suicide Pierrot that homes into a nearby enemy. Has 100 hit points and can be killed.
Fun fartbomb Poison Bomb Creates a cloud of poison that will reduce enemies health points.
Zbt nuclearhe Nuclear Bomb Release a nuclear bomb to annihilate enemies in the bomb radius.
Fun knockbackbomb Knockback Pushes enemies out of the impact radius.
Fun slowbomb Retard Bomb Slows enemies movement down for a period of time in the impact radius

Gallery (old version)[]


  • The hurricane model is the same as the Tornado Shot's one from Soccer mode.
  • The missile model from [Homing Missile] item is the same as the AT4-CS's one.
  • The black hole model from [Hollow] item is the same as Oberon's one.
  • Strangely, Dust2A map was shown in South Korea's promotional poster, but the actual map was Dust2.
  • Portal and Boot Booster aren't present in Checkmate, the reason is because the map is small enough for players compared with Dust2 to traverse the area for easier access.