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For the original version, see HK416.

JANUS-5 is a JANUS anti-zombie assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


Developed by Aegis Institute based on the HK 416 assault rifle, it is fed with 30 rounds of 5.56 NATO and equipped with Janus Transformation System that can do an unlimited firing mode after 60 consecutive shots. The Janus form has greater firepower, accuracy, recoil and rate of fire.


  • High damage
  • Very accurate
  • Low recoil
  • High rate of fire
  • Light weight


  • Expensive
  • Cannot penetrate objects in Janus form
  • Low reserved ammo
  • Takes time to activate the Janus form



  • To activate the Janus form, it takes 57 hits on a single target and 67 hits on multiple targets.
  • When on Janus form, it has the highest rate of fire among its class.
  • Its Janus form lasts for 14 seconds after activated. Use it as fast as possible, or you will miss it.
  • In Janus form, every fire will produce 3 scattered bullets. Therefore, It's not recommended to fire JANUS-5 in long range.
  • There's a trick to save the Janus Transformation System, once it's ready just switch to another weapon and when you are going to use it, just switch it back and quickly activate it or it won't take effect.

Zombie Scenario[]

  • If the Janus form is activated, JANUS-5 can deal 60,000 damage to bosses (provided the firepower has been maxed).
  • When a magazine remains 1-20 rounds after the Janus form, it is recommended to drop the weapon and rebuy the same one.



  • Has Janus Transformation System
  • Can be purchased permanently
  • Can be purchased by both teams
  • Higher damage in B mode (+28)
  • Higher rate of fire in B mode (+8%)
  • Same damage (28)
  • Same accuracy in A mode (90%)
  • Same recoil (6%)
  • Same rate of fire (91%)
  • Same weight (9% speed reduction)
  • Same ammo size (30/90)
  • More expensive (+$2900)
  • Must be purchased using cash
  • Cannot attach a silencer 
  • Higher recoil in B mode (+3%)
  • Lower accuracy in B mode (-5%)


  • Can do Janus Transformation System
  • Higher rate of Fire in both mode (A: +11%, B: +19%)
  • Higher accuracy in both mode (A: +26%, B: +21%)
  • Lower recoil in both mode (A: -30%,  B: 27%)
  • Lighter weight
  • Higher magazine size
  • Same price ($6000)
  • Lower damage in both mode (A: Human: -52, Zombie: -132/B: Human: -24, Zombie: -104)
  • Has no scope for long-range battle
  • Cannot shoot accurately when jumping
  • Cannot penetrate more than 1 objects
  • Longer reload time
  • Lower knockback and stun


  • Can do Janus Transformation System
  • Higher damage in B mode (+26)
  • Cheaper (-$450)
  • Higher rate of fire in both mode (A: +1%, B: +9%) 
  • Lower recoil in both mode (A: -13%, B: -10%)
  • Higher accuracy in A mode (+2%)
  • Same knockback and stun power
  • Same speed reduction (9%)
  • Lower damage in A mode (-2%)
  • Lower accuracy in B mode (-3%)
  • Lower magazine size
  • Can't zoom
  • Can't do explosive attack (Balrog Charging System)
  • Longer reloading
  • Cannot penetrate any object in B mode (except kevlar)


  • Has Janus Transformation System
  • Cheaper (-$150)
  • More accurate (A: +28%; B: +23%)
  • Lower recoil (-27%)
  • Higher rate of fire (+17%)
  • Lighter (+3%)
  • Shorter reload time (-0.5 seconds)
  • Lower damage (-35)
  • Lower magazine capacity (-18)
  • Cannot zoom
  • Lower penetration power (-2 layers)

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 12 September 2013
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 24 September 2013
  • China: 25 September 2013


Shooting sound

Ditto, Janus mode

Laughter sound when Janus mode is ready


  • JANUS-5's drawing sound is similar to the M16A1.
  • The eyes of the Janus figure will flash and emit a laughing sound when the Janus Form is ready.
  • If the user switches to another weapon (not throwing it) while the Janus form is active, the Janus form will still be active until the user switches back to the JANUS-5, but it will eventually return to its normal form.