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For the original version, see MG3.

JANUS-7 is a JANUS machine gun in Counter-Strike Online.


Empty slot This weapon has Part System installed. However, it is only installed in the Xmas variant

JANUS-7 is a machine gun designed by Aegis Institute based on the MG3 and uses 7.62mm as its ammunition. It has Janus Transformation System that can do lightning bolt attack for a certain period of time.

Details: When the requirement is met, you can right-click to transform. Transformation allows you to deal electric damage that automatically tracks enemies within a short range. Electric Damage: 38 (Normal), 35 (Zombie), 143 (Scenario)


  • High damage in B mode
  • High rate of fire
  • High magazine capacity
  • Has Janus form
  • Lightning bolt can attack nearby enemies even at side and behind
  • Lightning bolt is able to kill multiple enemies in a row
  • High stun power in both modes


  • Low accuracy
  • High recoil
  • Heavy weight
  • Long reload time
  • Expensive
  • Janus Transformation System cannot perform headshot even with Deadly Shot skill
  • Lightning bolt has limited range and only focuses on one enemy at a time


  • Activation of the Janus form varies depending on the mode played. For Zombie modes, it needs 125 hits on a single target while in Zombie Scenario, it takes 350 hits on multiple targets or 60 hits on a single target, whichever comes first.
  • If the Janus form is activated, JANUS-7 can deal 63,000 damage to bosses (provided the firepower has been maxed).
  • Its Janus form lasts for 18 seconds, making it the JANUS weapon with the longest Janus form duration.
  • Note that the Janus form's lightning has limited range and cannot hit targets at long distances.
  • To save Janus form, switch to another weapon when the Janus Transformation System is ready. When you are going to use it, just switch it back and quickly activate it or it won't take effect.


JANUS-7 Xmas
JANUS-7 Xmas

A special edition of JANUS-7 released in 2015 Christmas Celebration Event. As of December 2020 Update, it also adds the Part System and lowers the amount of hits required to activate the Janus Transform System.

Ancient Keeper
Ancient keeper
Main article: Ancient Keeper

A machine gun that fires 200 7.62mm bullets attached with a mysterious jewel of an ancient civilization found deep in the jungle. It can transform into a true keeper mode that deals massive damage when struck more than a certain number of times.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 10 October 2013.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 22 October 2013.
  • China & Japan: 23 October 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Indonesia: 1 April 2015.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.

  • South Korea: 17 December 2015.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 22 December 2015.
  • China & Japan: 23 December 2015.
  • CSN:Z: 14 December 2016
  • Indonesia: 21 December 2016.



  • Has Janus Transformation System
  • Lower recoil (-4%)
  • Higher damage in Janus form (+28)
  • No recoil in Janus form
  • Same accuracy (73%)
  • Same magazine size (200)
  • Same knockback
  • Same reload time (4.5 seconds)
  • Lower rate of fire (-1%)
  • Lower damage (-1)
  • More expensive (+$3250)
  • Heavier (+2% weight)
  • Cannot be enhanced

M249ex gfx

  • Has Janus Tranformation System
  • Lower recoil for both A (-2%) and B (-20%) mode
  • Higher magazine capacity (+80)
  • Same knockback and stun powers
  • Same price
  • Lower damage (-2)
  • Lower accuracy for A mode (-10%)
  • Heavier (-2% speed)
  • Lower reserved ammo (-40)
  • Lower Damage to zombies in A mode (-31)
  • Longer reload time (+0.5 second)
  • Lower penetration power
  • Cannot zoom


  • Has Janus Tranformation System
  • Lower recoil (-1%)
  • Higher magazine size (+80)
  • Same knockback and stun powers
  • Same price ($9000)
  • Same weight (16% speed reduction)
  • Lower damage (-2)
  • Less accurate (-1%)
  • Lower reversed ammo (-40)
  • Longer reload time (+0.5 seconds)
  • Unable to perform Balrog Charging System
  • Cannot zoom




Form Changing



  • When the Janus Transformation System is ready, the crosshair will turn purple.
  • When the Janus form is activated, the crosshair will disappear.
  • In third-person, the player model does not hold the bipod, but rather holds it by the barrel shroud. This is due to the player model reusing the default machine gun animations.
  • There's a common bug where the JANUS-7's shots can be heard and seen at CT Spawn in Assault whenever a player shoots this weapon no matter where they are.
  • JANUS-7 Xmas is the first Anti-Zombie weapon to have an X-mas variant. It has some differences with the original version:
    • The B mode's lightning is red instead of yellow.
    • The Janus head is replaced with Snowman head, it will turn to Santa head upon activating Janus form.
    • The Janus head, however, is patterned on the belt box instead.