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Room restrict limitknifeJANUS-9 is a limited edition melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online categorized under the JANUS Series.


This is a melee weapon developed by Aegis Institute. It is equipped with Janus Transformation System that can be activated after bludgeoning for several times. In its Janus form, it can deal massive damage to enemies.


  • Does massive damage to zombies
  • Has longer attack range than most melee weapons
  • Can prime the transformation on demand
  • Deals higher damage on Janus form
  • Does one hit kill against Bots
  • Does not affect player's speed
  • Able to kill multiple enemies at once with its Janus form


  • Has a delay after piking on Janus form
  • Has to activate the Janus form to use the secondary attack
  • Secondary attack can only be used once, regardless whether the wielder hits or misses the target(s)
  • Low stun power against zombies


  • When the Janus Transformation System is activated, the user will be granted with further range similar to the Green Dragon Blade and higher damage. 
  • It takes only 2 swings or hits to activate the transformation. You can take advantage of this by swinging it once, and swinging it again before landing the critical strike. However, you cannot switch weapons or this won't work.
  • The Janus Transformation System only lasts for 5 seconds or once the user utilizes the secondary attack, whichever comes first.
    • The user can land 6 hits prior to using the secondary attack.
Zombie Infection
  • This is by far, the best replacement for the Nata knife due to its extremely high damage, no delay in both modes, further range and possibility to kill multiple enemies at once.
  • Treat it as BALROG-IX when using the primary attack and as Nata knife when using the secondary attack.
Zombie Union
  • Performs most of the times, instant kills to humans with any attack. Besides its Janus form is able to deal very high damage or even instant kill weak zombies such as Regular Zombies, Light Zombies and Psycho Zombies.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 13 March 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 18 March 2014 (Reservation Ticket); 25 march 2014 (full release).
  • China & Japan: 26 March 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014 (Craft).
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015 (Craft).
  • Indonesia: 4 March 2015.


Drawing sound

End signal

Hit sound


Reverting to mace form (unused)


  • This weapon is based on a mace.
    • The initial form of the JANUS-9 is a mace, whereas the Janus form is a morning star.
  • When bludgeoning with the Janus form, the weapon will emit a yellow wave.
    • When reverting from its morning star phase to a mace, the sound file "Janus9_stab1.wav" used to be played while in the process, now it plays the "Janus9_endsignal.wav" instead.
  • This JANUS weapon boasts the quickest transformation; after 2 hits.
  • The user will play the SKULL-9 third-person attack animation when bludgeoning with the Janus form.
  • The word "Janus-9" can be seen written on the metal shaft.

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