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JANUS Ammunition is an ammunition type in Counter-Strike Online.


The JANUS Ammunition is the secondary ammo for all weapons of JANUS Series except the JANUS-9. It appears once a player activates the Janus mode. The condition of activation is different, depending on the weapon. The ammunition has many fuctions:

  • Provides unlimited rounds of bullet in a certain time, alongside greater firepower, accuracy, recoil and rate of fire (JANUS-1 and JANUS-5).
  • Provides unlimited rounds of bullet in a certain time with greater rate of fire (JANUS-3).
  • Strikes lightning to nearby enemies in limited range in a certain time (JANUS-7, including Christmas edition).
  • Strikes unlimited rounds of laser beam in a certain time which can deal tremendous damage and give further range (JANUS-11).


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