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Pumpkin Grenade
Price in match$300
$1000 (ZSM)
$2000 (HSM)
Used forRoom Cleaning with Holiday Spirit.
Added sinceTaiwan/Hong Kong
28 October 2008

South Korea
30 October 2008

27 October 2010
System codepumpkin

Room restrict limitfragheJack-o'-lantern or pumpkin grenade is an event-based equipment in Counter-Strike Online.


The players will receive this item for free when they log in during the days of Halloween Event. This item will be removed from the system in the next update once the event ends. Like most event grenades, it shares the same performance as the normal HE Grenade.

During the event. It explodes into one of three types of explosions, each with different damage.

  • The first explosion is a standard HE Grenade explosion, with increased damage. This explosion has a 50% chance to occur
  • The second explosion is copied from the Heart Bomb, with doubled damage compared to the first explosion. This explosion has a 40% chance to occur
  • The final explosion's FX is copied from FG-Launcher, and always performs headshot, dealing a minimum of 200,000 damage in a wide radius. This explosion has a 10% chance to occur.


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