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You can't get to me.
— A new Joker spawned

Hidden The Joker, also known as Mr. Hidden in some regions of Counter-Strike Online, is the main antagonist character in Hidden mode.


The Joker hides in a ghost town called Harlem. He has the ability to turn invisible so that humans are unable to spot him. However, the Joker's invisibility is limited. If he does not eliminate a human for a period of time, he gradually becomes visible. The Joker is armed with a staff as his primary weapon which is able to kill a single human in about 2 hits. Also, he has faster running speed and can jump higher than the humans, making him an agile enemy.

After the 4 December 2014 update in South Korea, the Hidden mode is renewed with new rules and items:

  • More than one Joker can appear in game: beside the main Joker, who is half-invisible, another player will be chosen randomly to be the extra Joker, or Betrayer.
    • The Betrayer still appears in human form, making the humans cannot camp together anymore.
  • Jokers have a Hidden Bar to show the time. When the bar runs out, another random player will be chosen.
  • Humans can detect the main Joker when turning on the flashlight.
  • Supply Boxes were added.



Joker pop-up quotes[]

  1. This power is mine!
  2. I've obtained the power of hidden!
  3. I'll show you a real power of hidden.
  4. An invisible fear will be back.
  5. Nobody can stop me now!


Title Description Task
A medal given to a person who defeated Joker effectively in Hidden mode[Hawk Eye] Gentleman. Have you ever deal with an invisible target? Do not worry as you still stand a chance of winning the battle, if you have sharp eyes with an excellent pursuit skill. (Available to achieve in above 4 people room) Kill 3000 Jokers in Hidden mode.


  • This character reuses the dialogues from the terrorist leader in the level Rise Hard of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.
  • The Joker is most probably inspired by the comic book super-villain of the same name.
  • The Joker is half invisible when he is jumping.
  • He is called "The Hidden Magician" in the Indonesian region due to his appearance.
  • After the Joker is killed, players can injure others by throwing an HE Grenade when there are 1-2 seconds left before he next Joker is chosen.
  • Joker is unaffected by any weapons that causes after-burn effect flame sprites, such as the Salamander and the BALROG-I.



When a human is killed by the Joker[]

"He's in here!"

<Joker's laugh>

A new Joker spawned[]

You cannot win!"

You can't get to me!"

"You can't stop this fate, my friend."

"You fool! You're too late!"

"You haven't won, my friend."

"Listen to the beep and get closer and closer!"

"You're running out of time, my friend."

Joker death[]