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Room restrict limitknifeJoker's Staff is a melee weapon exclusive only to the Joker in Counter-Strike Online.


The Joker's Staff is the only melee weapon which can be used by the Joker in Fun mode: Hidden. It takes about 1 or 3 hits to eliminate a full health human. The left click is used to perform a slash and the right click is used to perform a stab. The slash deals a moderate damage and the right click will score an instant kill.


  • Does very high damage to humans
  • Long range swing
  • Doesn't affect player's speed
  • Instant kill to humans when performing the sting


  • Usable only by the Joker


  • Finish off a human with the secondary mode when he/she does not know you are behind him/her.
  • Do not swing your staff consecutively as it will cause you to be visible to humans.
  • Camp for a better attack chance, note the invisibility lost.
  • Throwing a grenade to your teammate if you are going to be the hidden, it will lower his HP and you can target him because it is easier to kill rather than a full health enemy.
  • Although the secondary attack can kill a human with just one hit, you can still kill a human with the primary attack if you are skilled enough to perform a headshot.



  • The head of the staff resembles the FIFA World Cup trophy.
  • The Joker's Staff resembles to the Charlie's Staff.
  • When a player eliminates another with this staff, an electric sound can be heard alongside an electric sprite.