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Juggernaut is a mini boss in Zombie Scenario.


The Juggernaut is the evolved version of a Heavy zombie. It attacks with a large spiked club and can leave traps to sabotage humans movement. It is bigger than the average zombies.

As a mini-boss, it has 35,000 HP. While as a boss in extra chapters, it has 450,000 HP.

Tips facing Juggernaut[]

  • The metal bucket the Juggernaut's wearing does not protect his head. Shooting at Juggernaut's head will deal tremendous damage to him, eliminating him in no time.
  • Use machine guns and aim to the head for the fastest elimination. However, take note that it has high health power and stun resistance.
  • Do not lower your guard on his trap since it is very dangerous and has longer lifespan/duration when caught than heavy zombies.
  • Juggernaut has a high probability to drop a supply box when killed.
  • Even though it has very high stun resistance, it can be stopped in its track by using SKULL-1.


Juggernaut makes the first appearance in Zombie Scenario first chapter, the Lost City.

Juggernaut appears in Double Gate. The Juggernauts in this chapter cannot go inward to the small areas due to its huge size (except all walls are destroyed), which can be used as an advantage.

Juggernaut make its third appearance in Trap.

In Last Clue, Juggernaut appears during Round 2 where the players are annihilating Phobos.

Juggernaut appears only in round 5 in Culvert.

Juggernaut appears as a mini-boss to guard a shortcut pathway trigger in Decoy.

Juggernaut appears couple minutes later after first few waves of zombies and alongside with AMP Suit to assist destroy barriers and main tower in Threat.

In Paranoia, Juggernaut appears during Round 2 where the players are annihilating Dr. Rex.

Juggernaut appears in all boss battles in Boss Chase.

Juggernaut appears in map 2 of Last Ride, after the players successfully defend the equipment.

Juggernaut appears in Round 1 of the extra maps (Nightmare, Poisoning, Illusion and Madness) as the Boss need to be defeated by the players to advance to Round 2.

Juggernaut appears as a mini-boss in all New Zombie Shelter maps, alongside other zombies.


Daily Mission[]

Appointer Title Task Tips Reward
Felix Hunt Juggernaut Kill 5 Juggernauts within one day period Tips:

Random normal weapon /
Level 1 EXP Coupon /
1000 game point coupon



  • Unsurprisingly, the face behind the metal bucket is the face of a heavy zombie.
  • In Singapore/Malaysia region, its name was misspelled numerous times.
  • Like Ganymede, shooting at Juggernaut during Nightmare, Poisoning and Illusion will not award the player money per damage done.